20 December 2016


With 2017 just around the corner, let’s look ahead to what will be on trend in home furnishings in the New Year. There’s no need to be a slave to fashion but you might spot something that would be perfect for your home. Here’s our pick of the best new looks:

Jewel tones

When it comes to colour, forget the neutrals and greys of last year. 2017 is all about vibrant jewel tones: think sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green and amethyst purple. Try painting on an accent wall; look for the colour in upholstery and window dressings such as curtains and blinds; or accessorise with versatile throws and cushions.


This year, marble and marble-effect surfaces take centre stage. The stunning veins and swirls in this classic material have been rediscovered by designers and a whole new generation is appreciating its beauty. But marble is not just for floors; you can get the look with marble-effect wallpaper, marble-topped tables and even small clocks.


Who can resist sumptuous velvet? This tactile fabric is everywhere this season and it’s ideal for upholstery. If you’re considering buying a new sofa, choose one in velvet. Or why not re-cover a favourite armchair in this luxurious material to give it a new lease of life? Add cushions in other fabrics such as linen, wool and faux fur to mix and match the look.


Indoor plants are not just beautiful to look at; they keep you in touch with nature and many can significantly improve the air quality in your home. Good air plants include orchids, spider plants, aloe vera and chrysanthemums. At this time of year, bulb plants like hyacinths and narcissus will transport you to an early spring with their wonderful scents.


Concern for our planet is still a major theme in interiors, with designers seeking out materials that have been sourced from sustainable sources. Linked with this is the desire to know where an object or furnishing has been made, so hand-crafted, artisan-type wares such as ceramics, carvings and glass will continue to be hugely popular.


You’ll love this trend if you’re a great traveller since it takes its inspiration from far flung corners of the globe including India, Mexico, North Africa and South America. The best thing about this look is that anything goes! It’s all about creating an eclectic mix of your favourite things, unusual hand-made souvenirs and woven fabrics in tribal patterns.

Warm metallics

This year, we’ll continue our love affair with metallics but they’ll have a warmer feel. Materials such as rose gold, bronze and brass will come to the fore and you’ll find them in all manner of home furnishings. Try a rose gold framed mirror, brass pots for your houseplants and bronze-look statement pieces.

Natural materials

The vogue for all things natural continues in 2017. Terracotta tiles, cork floors and stone are all big this year, as are furnishings in darker and unfinished wood, plus rattan, cane and wicker. There’s been a resurgence of interest in rattan furniture recently and the new designs have a contemporary twist – it’s still perfect for the conservatory or garden room.


If you’re a fan of pattern, you’ll love this trend! From hexagons and triangles to circles and squares, there’s sure to be a geometric design that will suit your home. It’s particularly striking in wallpaper but if you’re not brave enough to cover a whole wall in pattern, use cushions instead to instantly add a pop of geometrics to a room.


This trend is all about escaping from technology and creating offline zones in your home such as a cosy nook for reading or a corner just for relaxing. You could install a window seat, use a screen to partition off an area, create a separate space in your conservatory, or even set up your own hammock indoors! It’s the perfect place for adding a little me-time to the day.  

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