A dining room with a wooden table and chairs has Umbra Pearl Voile Curtains fitted to wide and tall windows that open onto a garden. These pearl coloured Voile Curtains have a geometric style.
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A dining room with a wooden table and chairs has Umbra Pearl Voile Curtains fitted to wide and tall windows that open onto a garden. These pearl coloured Voile Curtains have a geometric style.  thumbnail thumbnail
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Umbra Pearl Voile Curtain

A voile that’s all about pattern and texture, Umbra Pearl is a truly modern take on the traditional concept of voile fabrics. With the addition of both linen and viscose, the fabric is elevated on bot... READ MOREh a quality level and a flexibility level. With a micro jacquard patterning, the surface of the fabric features alternate rows of elongated and shortened tubular oblongs, which allow the light to flow through in an almost diamond pattern. In a colour that’s just a few shades into off-white, that familiar pearlescent hue that the fabric colourway takes its name from, it’s a soft colour that will work in any room throughout your home. READ LESS

Available as: Voile Roman Blind
Product features: Light filtering

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Why choose Voile curtains?

Voile curtains combine style and practicality. Ideal for rooms that are overlooked, they allow light in, while reducing the ability of people outside to look inside. The lightweight, semi-sheer fabric creates a light, airy ambience that’s calming and peaceful and people often choose them for this reason alone. They’re also good for wide windows and patio doors, allow you to open your doors and windows wide, but stop your room feeling over-exposed.

Do Voiles provide privacy at night?

Voile curtains and Roman blinds are designed to diffuse light rather than block it out, so in the evenings they may not provide total privacy. To enhance privacy levels we recommend layering your Voile curtains over a blind that you can lower when require, or pair your Voile curtains or Roman blind with our luxury curtains for cooler evenings when extra warmth is required.

Do Voiles come in blackout fabrics?

The beauty of Voile curtains and Roman blinds is their sheer appearance, and therefore they are not available as a blackout. However, if you love the look of Voiles but want the benefits of a blackout product, we recommend layering your Voile curtains over a blind in a blackout fabric. Similarly you could team your Voile curtains or Roman blind with standard curtains lined with a blackout fabric.

What curtain header should I choose for my Voiles?

In most cases the header style you choose for your Voile curtains is down to personal choice, but there are some instances where one curtain header may be preferable. For example our wave header accentuates the light and airy nature of the fabric, while a double pinch pleat allows for an elegant long drop, particularly on large expanses of glass and on doors.

Are Voiles suitable for bay windows?

Yes they are. We offer bespoke shaped curtain tracks which are ideal for bay windows.

Specifications & Care

Included as Standard: Professional Measuring & Fitting, Eyelet header option - choose between Satin, Nickle, Gold, Gun Metal, Old Gold or Old Copper eyelet colours

Material Style: Micro Jacquard

Fabric Composition: 90% Polyester / 7% Linen / 3% Viscose

Heading Options: Pencil Pleat, Double Pinch Pleat, Triple Pinch Pleat, Eyelet, Wave

Cleaning Notes: Voile curtains are really easy to maintain at their best. Most of our Voile curtain fabrics can be washed in the washing machine on a cool setting of 30 degrees, with the exception of the Umbra range. Once washed, allow to dry naturally on a washing line. Do not tumble dry. Voile curtains can also be professionally dry cleaned. For regular light cleaning, simply wipe around the edges and hem of your curtains with a lint free cloth. Do not vacuum Voile curtains as the suction may damage the lightweight fabric, causing it to pucker.

Child Safety

Our collection of Voile curtains are inherently child safe. However, as with all window dressings where cords are used, you should take steps to regularly check that your curtains are safe for children. This includes making sure that any cords used to hold header pleats in place are secured at all times, especially if you adjust the header pleats after your voile curtains have been fitted. Never leave a length of cord exposed. Tie-backs can also pose a risk to young children when they are looped in place around your Voile curtains. We do not recommend tie-backs in homes where young children are resident or visit.


We are very proud of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each custom-made voile, which is why we offer a 2 year guarantee on the manufacturing defects in materials (excluding acceptable fabric flaws) and workmanship, giving you reassurance that we will repair or replace any faults that have not been caused by accidental damage, misuse or normal wear and tear.

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