Silver for Summer

Juliet Russell

BY Juliet Russell

Published: 05 July 2022 Updated: 09 August 2022

If the warming rays of summer sunshine inspire you to take another look at your window furnishings then silver may not be the first colour that springs to mind, but you may well be surprised at how versatile a look it can create for summer.

Silver at its core

Silver spoon, quicksilver, silver lining - whatever comes to mind when you think of silver, there's always a sense of being elevated from the ordinary, something more lux and special. And that little bit extra is exactly at the heart of what makes silver more than grey. True, both are a blend of black and white, but the key is the pearl or metallic tint that lies only in silver that raises it over the flatter grey, and that reflective element helps make it a versatile colour that can bring such a lift in summer.

Style with silver

Why is silver a good choice for summer? It’s all down to its versatility. Silver has lustre and depth, and dependant on how you style it, you can either create a real statement with it, or have it make a subtle whisper, it can softly glisten or loudly sparkle, take centre stage or be the ultimate supporting act.

Whichever option you choose there’s a style that will work for you and your home.

Summer heat

A conservatory is a quintessential place to enjoy the summer and the right window furnishing can really help you to make the most from this space. Choose a Duette® blind and you’ll benefit from its ability to reflect excess heat in summer and retain warmth in winter for a room you can enjoy year round. These blinds in Batiste Lunar Rock bring a soft touch of grey, and the linen-effect weave adds to that mineral, granular look, amplified by the floating fitting which allows the blind to be operated top or bottom for precision positioning to block the sunlight.

Summer Silhouette

When you need privacy but don't want to lose any light, but equally need to control that light and reduce any potential glare you need a blind that works really hard while also looking beautiful. Thankfully, our Silhouette® blinds do all this, and more. With the light softly diffused by fabric vanes and sheer panels and dispersed more effectively throughout the room there's a softer feel to the light without having to sacrifice any privacy. This colourway, Boardwalk Foggy Mist features a softly ribbed texture that really elevates the hazy look. Plus you can choose a powered option for control at your fingertips.

Airy looks

There’s something quintessentially summery about voiles – the gossamer-thin fabric gently billowing in the summer breeze, creating a soft and gentle look and giving you just a little privacy. They’re a beautiful addition at a picture window, or at doors, but if you need something that’s a little more practical, or for a shorter window, such as this bathroom setting, then our Voile Roman blinds are ideal. They still offer that soft look and a touch of the privacy you’d want in a bathroom, while allowing plenty light in. Shown here in Umbra Silver, this is a great way to use silver in its palest form without making the room seem cold in any way.

Curtains light and dark

You may feel that silver could be too overwhelming to use over a larger expanse of glass, especially with full length curtains such as in this bedroom, but it’s all about what else is going on in the room. Silver can either work as a statement piece, or go to the other extreme and be the subtle counterpart to something stronger. This dark navy wall could be really overpowering in this room, but the Linosa Silver curtains work as a foil to the dark, lifting the mood and balancing the tones out.

So next time you're looking for summer inspiration, don't just look to the pinks, yellows or greens of nature - take another look at versatile silver and elevate your summer look.

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