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Pinch Pleat curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains

  • Premium and delicate finish
  • Luxurious fullness by design
  • Can be paired with a pole or track
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5 Stars on Trustpilot

5 Stars on Trustpilot

For a fuller & richer look

A luxury alternative to the more traditional Pencil Pleat, this opulent heading is made with individual double or triple pleats sewn together at equal lengths across the fabric – leaving you with an exquisite fullness that can become a stunning feature when paired with the right fabric.

Making the difference

Double pinch pleat

With two pleats sewn into the fabric, this heading can help a room feel more luxurious with a thicker and fuller look. Ideal if you are thinking of choosing a deluxe fabric that will benefit from extra volume.

Triple pinch pleat

Also known as French pleats, this extra pinch across the heading helps the fabric make an even bolder impression whether tied back or drawn for all to see, making it a strong choice for dress curtains.

Your journey with Thomas Sanderson

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Choosing the perfect curtain is much more than simply matching a colour or fabric to your existing décor. Which is why your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With models of each style and our full range of fabrics brought right to your door.

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Your questions answered

Should I have Pinch Pleat headings with a curtain pole or track?

It depends on the window you are trying to furnish but either will work. Curtain poles are best for smaller or standard window spaces, where tracks are useful for large spaces or more complex shapes such as bay windows.

What curtain poles can I choose for a Pinch Pleat heading?

Pinch Pleat headings can be paired with any of our curtain pole collections. Our wooden range – Harvest, Elemental and Boutique – and our metal range – Manor and Refined.

What tracks can I choose for a Pinch Pleat heading?

Pinch Pleat headings can only be paired with our Metropole Track.

What fullness can I have Pinch Pleat curtains made to?

Our Pinch Pleat curtains will be made to double fullness as standard to ensure that the fabric hangs evenly whenever they are drawn. Although with their unique pinch design, the fabric may already appear richer and fuller than other curtain styles.

Home > Curtains > Pinch Pleat