Ts 2021 Duette Blinds Roomset Silk Antique Bronze 1168X782
a plain Orange coloured swatch fabric
Ts 2021 Duette Blinds Roomset Silk Antique Bronze 1168X782
a plain Orange coloured swatch fabric

Silk Antique Bronze Duette Blind

An intriguing blend of yellow and red with just a touch of blue, Silk Antique Bronze is a versatile colour that will bring a touch of colour to your home. Don’t let the name confuse you – this isn’t t... READ MOREhe cold brown-gold that you might expect. This is a hue that leans more towards a copper blend, with an antique fade to it that results in this paler shade. A Duette® Silk Antique Bronze blind is less about a metallic look than it is about the texture – the silk weave effect is akin to the burnishing that lets the colour of the metal shine through, and lets it enjoy a little bit of warmth. READ LESS

Product features: Light filtering / Thermal / Cordless

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My conservatory becomes quite cold during the winter. Will Duette® blinds help to keep it warmer?

Our Duette® blinds are the optimum choice for a conservatory, due to the honeycomb structure that retains warm air making conservatory/extended living spaces warmer.

My windows are a non-standard shape. Will Duette® blinds work for me?

Duette® blinds are custom-made to your exact window specifications, making them a popular choice for wide windows, conservatories and extended living spaces.

Specifications & Care

Included as Standard: A bespoke in-home service and expert installation, choice of white, anthracite or brown rails

Optional Extras: Motorised/Electric Operation – control your blinds by remote control, Smart Hub – control your blinds by smart device or Alexa or Google Home voice systems

Pleat Size (mm): 25

Fabric Properties: Translucent

Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester

Cleaning Notes: Duette® blinds can be dusted using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner at a reduced suction level

Child Safety

We do everything we can to ensure our products are safe for children and animals, including offering options for cord-free operation on our blinds where possible. Our blinds all meet European Standards BS EN 13120 as a minimum. All our corded blinds will be installed with a safety device to comply with current legislative requirements, so you can be assured our products are not only high quality but also safe. 


We are very proud of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every blind we make, which is why we offer a five-year aftercare guarantee on materials and workmanship, across our Duette® blinds giving you piece of mind that we will repair or replace any faults that have not been caused by accidental damage, misuse or normal wear and tear.