The Ultimate Hangover House

An example of the perfect hangover house

We all know the feeling, we may have had too many drinks the night before and now today we’re paying the consequences. Luckily we are living in 2020 and technology is here to help us out. 

Here at Thomas Sanderson we have identified the top problems that smart technology can help so here’s a run-down of all the pieces of tech that are available to make your hangover a little bit easier... 



We’ve all been there, standing in front of it on the cold kitchen floor looking at an empty fridge as you forgot to buy any food. The Smart Fridge orders things when you’re running low so you won’t run out of essentials. Perhaps the best feature, however, is that it’s got a webcam inside meaning you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed, as you can see from the comfort of your own bed what is on offer.

Hangovers call for takeaways, with a webcam doorbell you can simply instruct your delivery driver to leave the food on the doorstep while you make your way to the door in your own time.  



Fizzy drinks are a cure all for hangovers and having access to an endless supply of them is a perfect idea when you’re hungover. You can buy home soda makers which can carbonate any liquid, meaning you can make your own recipes and never run out.

If fizzy drinks aren’t quite cutting it we have also found a coffee machine which is set to a timer. That’s right you don’t need to do anything, you just have to wake up and it will have already made you a cup of coffee.



Forgetting to close your blinds after a few drinks is an easy mistake, but waking up to a sunlit room can be a nightmare if you’ve got a headache from the night before. Smart blinds can be controlled remotely or by voice activation, meaning you don’t have to get out of bed to shut the horrible sun out. Just call out to your smart home device to shut the blinds and they will do the rest.



Hungover days call for watching a lot of your favourite shows. A Smart TV can be controlled from your phone so you don’t ever need to get up and find the remote.



Is there anything less appealing than lugging round a heavy and loud hoover when you’re not feeling your best? Queue the automatic hoover, it can pick up the remnants of last night with no effort from you and very little noise.

Likewise, smart dishwashers can help for those days we’re not feeling 100%. They can order you tablets so you don’t run out and can be voice-activated. Long gone are the days of standing over a sink with rubber gloves on, chuck it all in and turn it on. Minimal effort for maximum output.



Pets are great when you’re hungover as cuddle buddies, but feeding and exercising can be difficult tasks. Pet food dispensers mean you lie in bed or on the sofa in the knowledge that your furry friend is still getting fed and toy dispensers will keep them entertained until you can summon the willpower to crawl out of bed to go for a walk.