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5 Star on Trustpilot

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From asking Alexa if you need to take a brolly with you to seeing who is at the front door on your phone, smart technology is now as much a part of our homes as the TV or oven. With PowerView®, you can bring the same level of innovation to your blinds with the ability to transform the light without leaving the sofa.

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Just ask for more shade

If your smartphone or Pebble® remote are just out of reach, you can enjoy the luxury of asking your personal home assistant to help you dim the blinds. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit, PowerView® really is made for the home of tomorrow.

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Choosing the perfect blind is much more than simply matching a colour or fabric to your existing décor. Which is why your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With full working models and samples brought to your door.

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Your questions answered

Can I add the PowerView® system to my existing blinds?

• Not at this stage sadly. Although we are looking at the possibility of retro-fitting, we currently cannot offer that service.

What is a PowerView® Hub?

• The PowerView® Hub connects to a Wi-Fi router and communicates with your PowerView® blinds through the intuitive app. The Hub stores user-defined data, such as Scene and schedule information, and provides control of blinds from anywhere in the world using the RemoteConnect™ feature.

What is the PowerView® Pebble Scene Controller?

• The PowerView® Pebble Scene Controller works in conjunction with the PowerView® Hub to quickly navigate and activate your personalised list of Scenes.

Do I need to run wires to use PowerView®?

• No wiring is necessary for our PowerView® system. We offer a variety of power options including battery and plug-in power supplies to fit any application.

How much does the PowerView® app cost?

• The PowerView® app is a free download. However, in order for the app to be able to operate your blinds, a PowerView® Hub must be purchased.

How many blinds can I control using the PowerView® app?

• You can control all PowerView® blinds in a home from the PowerView® app.

Will schedules work even if my mobile device is not at home?

• Yes, schedules will continue to operate window coverings to pre-set Scenes at the programmed time(s) of day even if the wireless device is not in the home. All schedule settings are stored in the PowerView® Hub.

Can I control my blinds with PowerView® from my home automation system?

• With the addition of the PowerView® Hub, blinds with PowerView® can be integrated into a home automation system via RS-232 serial input or IP (internet protocol) from many common systems, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

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