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White coloured tracked shutters fitted to french doors

From inside to out with ease

If your windows start at floor height, or you have French or patio doors, our bespoke range of handmade Tracked Shutters are a perfect choice. Uniquely designed around your room, these shutters run on a discreet track system both top and bottom, to ensure an effortlessly smooth transition whenever you feel like letting the world in.

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Making the difference

Expert craftsmanship. Every detail will be handcrafted to your exact window space, with a unique guide-and-fold system that allows each panel to turn 180 degrees and fold flat against a wall.
Make a statement. Choose from a range of beautiful paint and wood stain finishes, or satin vinyl finishes for more humid rooms, all carefully selected to complement your home perfectly.
Innovative Track System. Our unique top and bottom track system can guide up to 12 panels for even the largest windows, with a snug fit for minimised light gaps.
Custom Made. From the size of the louvres to the position of your divider bar, each panel can be perfectly designed to suit your windows and room décor.
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White coloured tracked shutters fitted to large rectangular window in a bedroom

Stylish addition to any room

As well as being an elegant choice for wide window spaces, Tracked Shutters can also be fitted without a bottom track. Allowing easier access to doorways with nothing to trip over and the added option of using the shutters as a room divider.

Discover the beauty of bespoke

Your questions answered

What is the longest Tracked Shutter I can have?

Our guided track can hold up to 12 panels, which can be around six metres long depending on the specific build. Your local Thomas Sanderson designer will be able to help and advise you on the best solution for you home, including the option of having two tracked shutters that meet in the middle of the window.

Why choose shutters for a patio door?

Our strong and durable track system is ideal for a large expanse of windows or doors, and sits discreetly within the space of your window frames. It has been engineered to hold 12 full length shutter panels, which will effortlessly glide open or closed.

Can I use shutters as a room divider?

Yes. Our range of shutters can be fitted to both the floor and ceiling or just across the ceiling, mounted on our effortless guide and glide system. If you would like advice on how best to split a room, book a free design consultation today and a local Thomas Sanderson designer will be happy to help.

Home > Window Shutters > Tracked / Sliding