Coloured shutters at a glance

Colour match

Web 1920 – 36

Our custom colour service lets you match your shutter to a range of different shades

Hidden hinges

Web 1920 – 54 (1)

No need to worry about clashing metallic hardware with our hidden hinge design

Colour options

Colour Match

A range of colours are available in both our hardwood and composite shutter ranges

Choose your style

Shutter Styles

Colour shutters are available in a wide choice of styles, including Tier on TIer, Full Height and Cafe style

Our coloured shutter service


In-home consultation

An illustration of a person talking with a consultant over a laptop, with garage door fabric samples on the table.

Discuss your requirements and view shutter samples with a design consultant who'll help you create a vision of your coloured shutters and give you a quote



Survey (Blinds)

When you're ready to proceed, an installer visits to conduct a survey, verifying precise measurements of your window for a full account of the shutter space


Coloured shutter production

An illustration of a person with a drill in their hand manufacturing a garage door.

Using the highest quality materials our skilled teams create your made-to-measure coloured shutters


Professional installation

Web 1920 – 33

Your installer returns to fit your coloured shutters and talk you through anything you need to know about your shutters

What our customers say

Coloured shutter FAQs

What colour shutters are best?

When it comes to shutters colours, there's really no definite "best" colour, because everyone's homes are different, and people's wants and needs differ. Some prefer the look of traditional wooden shutters, others beautiful coloured shutters. It's really about finding the perfect colour for you and your room. The only thing worth bearing in mind is that paler colours can make a room look bigger while darker colours tend to pull the windows into a room more, which can make small rooms seem cramped.

What is the most popular coloured shutter?

In the UK, white shutters are the most popular choice overall. While white is popular with our customers, soft browns and greys with more warmth are increasing in popularity for window shutters, while period properties tend to favour a more natural wood stain. Custom colours requested include shades of green, while our warm Pomegranate and dark Midnight Forge prove that colours are popular across the whole spectrum, so it's easy to find the right colour window dressing you want.

What styles are available in coloured shutters?

Our coloured options are available in both our hardwood shutters and our composite shutters, so all the styles that these are available in can be purchased with either our standard colour options or as custom colour shutters. This includes both solid shutters and plantation shutters such as Tier on Tier and Full Height window shutters.

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