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White coloured venetian blind on a large window

A twist on the classic style

If you are looking for a traditional style of blind, why not add a contemporary twist to your windows with our metal Venetian blinds. With a stylish, sleek design, these modern furnishings will give your home a unique and individual look – keeping your interior private from the outside, while opening up a view of the world from inside.

Making the difference

blue coloured venetian blinds fitted to windows in a conservatory

A perfect fit

Installed into the window frame itself with innovative corner brackets, our metal Venetian blinds can easily be fitted and removed without harming the window pane – making them a perfect choice for complex furnishings such as French or patio doors.


Discover the beauty of bespoke

Your questions answered

Do you make Venetian Blinds in other materials?

No, we currently only have Venetians which are made from aluminium, although our range does include a wood effect finish.

How are your Venetian Blinds fitted?

Our Metal Venetians can be fitted into the recess of your window, or rebated into the frame so only the glass segment of your window is covered.

Which rooms are Metal Venetian Blinds suitable for?

Our Metal Venetians can be used throughout the home, but with their moisture-resistant properties, are particularly useful in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

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