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5 star on TrustPilot

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If you are interested in the functionality of roller and venetian blinds, but prefer the delicate stylings of nets and curtains – our luxurious Silhouette® collection has it all. Using two layers of exquisite sheer fabrics, this stylish lightweight design gives you graceful control of light and shade, coming in a variety of colours to suit any décor.

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With our clever UltraGlide® retractable pull cord, operating your Silhouette® Blinds feels modern and effortless. Then for a step into a smarter home, combine with PowerView® to set scenes throughout the day – ensuring light and shade are always exactly how you would like.

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Choosing the perfect blind is much more than simply matching a colour or fabric to your existing décor. Which is why your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With full working models and samples brought right to your door.

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Your questions answered

What is a Silhouette® blind?

Silhouette® is one of the most innovate window coverings ever introduced. It can add a touch of class to an existing look or become the basis for the entire style of your home. By rotating the vanes, you have the softness of a sheer, the light control of a horizontal blind and the convenience of a roller blind. It will enrich any room with the infinite range of light intensities it provides.

How do I operate Silhouette® blinds?

They can be powered or manually operated – the choice is yours. Silhouette® is also compatible with our PowerView® automated blinds system for use in the home. Alternatively choose a manual system which is child and pet safe by design.

How are Silhouette® blinds fitted?

Your blinds will be fitted into a small cassette at the top of your rebated window recess, which will reveal the fabric as you operate it.

How is Silhouette® different from a roller blind?

The blind allows precise light control with the signature S-Vane™, which puts you in control of the amount of natural light that comes in with beautiful effects. The vanes are suspended between two layers of delicate sheer fabric allowing the room to be flooded with light when in the open position, or privacy when in the closed position. The vanes tilt to achieve just the right amount of natural illumination.

Are the blinds easy to maintain?

The blind uses specialist fabrics which are anti-static and breathable, making them easy to clean and keep looking their best.

Are Silhouette® blinds energy efficient?

It is a scientific fact that heat is attracted to cold. In winter months, indoor heating moves toward and escapes through windows to the outdoors, while in the summertime, the outside heat flows into your home through these same windows. Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through windows. Many window treatments help insulate homes so you can reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and create a more comfortable room setting.

Do Silhouette® blinds impact on the light in the room?

The sheers enhance natural daylighting by dispersing sunlight deep into the room, reducing the need for electric lights. Daylighting is the practice of lighting rooms with natural light rather than with artificial lighting. By drawing natural light into a room, many of our window treatments reduce the need for other types of lighting, thereby reducing energy use.

Is there any UV protection?

Our range of Silhouette® Blinds offer up to 88% UV protection with the vanes open and 99% when closed.

Home > Window Blinds > Silhouette