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5 star on TrustPilot

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If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and indulgence, complement Pirouette® with PowerView® - our market-leading powered blind solution. Control the light and shade in your room with a tap on our Pebble Remote, or try asking Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homekit to do it for you.

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If you are looking for a way to keep your privacy without blocking out natural light, Pirouette® Blinds offer an opulent solution for any room. A single soft sheer layer combines with fabric vanes to reduce glare and filter out harmful UV rays, keeping your furniture and fabrics bright, and your room perfectly lit.


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Your local designer will come to your home to show you colour samples and full-working models of our product range.
Our expert craftspeople use the best materials and techniques to handcraft your furnishings to your exact specifications.
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Choosing the perfect blind is much more than simply matching a colour or fabric to your existing décor. Which is why your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With full working models and samples brought right to your door.

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Your questions answered

What is a Pirouette® blind?

Pirouette® Blinds feature soft horizontal vanes which are attached to an elegant sheer backing fabric. The blinds are crafted using a single sheer fabric on the glass side with opaque fabric vanes on the room side, together with a semi-opaque or room darkening liner between the two layers. Pirouette® allows you to enjoy the view outside whilst maintaining privacy. Make the most of the sheer view-through during the day, whilst in the evening, simply close up the fabric vanes for increased privacy and room darkening.

What benefits do I get from Piroutte®?

The blinds will transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it and spreading it evenly throughout the room. The Pirouette® sheer backing fabrics reduce glare and filter out harmful UV rays which can fade furniture and flooring.

How do I operate Pirouette® blinds?

You have the choice to manually operate our Pirouette® Blinds, or upgrade them with our automated blinds system PowerView®.

How are Pirouette® blinds fitted?

Your blinds will be fitted into a small cassette at the top of your window recess rebated window, which will reveal the fabric as you operate it.

Can Pirouette® be used with shaped windows?

With Pirouette® you are able to create a coordinated look throughout the home with specialty shapes such as arches, angled and circular blinds. The shape will be fixed in the closed, contoured position which is available in any fabric choice, vane size and colour which complements the window.

How is Pirouette® different from a roller blind?

The blinds are crafted using a single sheer fabric on the glass side with opaque fabric vanes on the room side, together with a semi-opaque or room darkening liner between the two layers. Most roller blinds are installed at the top of the window recess but require that you leave gaps either side for the working mechanism. They also do not allow you to have view through or the ability to tilt the vanes to allow you to have complete control.

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