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Blue coloured blinds that are raised slightly to let in some natural light and are fitted to tall windows in a living room

For your peace of mind

Blue coloured blinds showing that its cordless design makes it easy to use and child safe

LiteRise® blinds

Available with our Pleated and Duette® range, this unique cordless blind system uses tension to allow you to set the height of your blinds with just one hand. Gently lifting or lowering to the right position with no cords or wires for little children to pull or tug at.

someone using a cord to adjust the blinds in their home while holding a child

SmartCord® blinds

Offering precise control without leaving a cord dangling freely, this revolutionary lifting system features a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant length at all times – allowing you to effortlessly raise and lower the shade with safety in mind.

Guidelines and advice

Our blinds are designed to keep your little ones safe at all times. But before choose one of our distinct designs, please keep the following advice in mind:

    • Keep cords out of reach of young children
    • Move bed, cots and furniture away from window covering cords
    • Do not tie cords together
    • Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop
    • Install and use safety devices according to the installation instructions on these devices to reduce the possibility of an accident

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