Revealed: The Spookiest Street Names In The UK 


In the spirit of Halloween, researchers here at Thomas Sanderson wanted to see what the spookiest street names were in the UK and where had the most ‘spooky’ streets. 

Researchers put together a list of 100 words that had Halloween or spooky connotations. They then analysed streets in the UK to see if they included any of these words to find out what spooky streets there were. 

After analysing street names across the UK to see if they included any ‘spooky’ words it was revealed that Exeter is the spookiest location in the UK with over 10 ‘spooky streets’ including ‘Coffins Lane’, ‘Goblin Hill’, ‘Tombstone Lane’ and ‘Spider Lane’. 


The places with the most spooky streets were: 

  • Exeter (10 streets) 
  • Colchester (9 streets) 
  • Norwich (9 streets) 
  • Reading (8 streets) 
  • Ipswich (6 streets) 



The most common spooky words to appear on UK streets were:

  • Dead (30 streets)
  • Devil (12 streets)
  • Moon (10 streets)
  • Witch (9 streets)
  • Cemetery (8 streets) 


Richard Petrie, spokesperson for Thomas Sanderson said: 

“With Halloween around the corner, we really wanted to see where the ‘spookiest’ area was in the UK and where has the most streets named after Halloween themed things. We were surprised to see so many streets with such interesting names and that 30 streets have the word dead in them!”