Ts Awnings Roomsets 2021 Uni Biscotti
Ts 2021 Awning Lightbox Uni Biscotti 1168X782
Ts Awnings Roomsets 2021 Uni Biscotti
Ts 2021 Awning Lightbox Uni Biscotti 1168X782

Uni Biscotti Awnings & Pergolas

The warm yellow undertones provide an earthy feel to this Uni Biscotti fabric, which takes its name from the Italian almond biscuits that originated in the Tuscan city of Prato. The neutral plain fabr... READ MOREic of Uni Biscotti works well in a wide range of outdoor spaces, as the natural colour blends well into garden settings and against all sorts of homes. Pair it with contrasting dark furniture for a traditional look or with metallic furniture for a more modern look and feel to your home, while the soft furnishings you pair can either keep a warm feel in creams, or go for a contrasting look with brighter coloured cushions and throws. READ LESS

Product features: Linen effect

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Can I have an awning on my bungalow?
It is possible to install an awning on a single-story true bungalow, using specialist spreader plates to affix the awning to the wall. A comprehensive technical survey will be carried out before installation and you can talk over your options with your expert designer during this time.


Can I have an awning installed onto a conservatory or sunroom?
No, due to awnings requiring brickwork to affix to, you cannot have an awning installed onto a conservatory or sunroom.


Will it be necessary to move any pipework or guttering to fit the awning?
No, if there is any pipework or guttering where an awning is to be installed, we can use specialist parts to fit around obstacles, such as drain pipes, or uneven walls.


What does a sun sensor do?
A sun sensor will detect when the sun is shining and will automatically open out your awning to provide shade. This is particularly helpful during the summer, as it ensures a cool and shaded area in advance of your requirement. All sensors should be deactivated and the awning retracted if you are not at home.


Will the installation require drilling into any walls or rewiring?
Due to the motorised nature of our awnings, our expert awning installers will need access to a power source within your home. The awning installer will drill a small hole through your wall so that the power lead can be inserted and then plugged into an internal power socket. Your installer will be able to answer any specific questions about this installation.

Specifications & Care

Included as standard: A bespoke in-home service and expert installation, Motorised awning, Vibration sensor, White or Anthracite profile colours.
Optional Extras: Custom colour profiles, Heaters and lights, Smart Hub – control your awning by smart device or Alexa or Google Home voice systems.


Fabric Composition: Solution-dyed acrylic.


Cleaning Notes: Our awning fabrics are specially treated to help resist dirt, making them require no regular cleaning. However, should you need to, a soft-bristled brush will remove any dirt, while more stubborn marks can be gently spot-cleaned with soapy water. Please ensure it is safe for you to do so before you attempt to clean your awning.

Child Safety

Our awnings are all motorised as standard, and are operated via remote control. This means they are inherently child-safe and do not require any additional safety devices.


Made using the finest materials and crafted to the highest production standards to ensure that your awning lasts for many years to come, with the reassurance of a five-year performance guarantee.