Instagram research reveals the most popular bedroom trends

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms so it is no wonder that many of us invest so much effort and money into making them perfect. Instagram is one of the best places to look for inspiration, with the tag #bedroominspo having a whopping 1.2M posts. With this in mind, the team at Thomas Sanderson have analysed a bunch of interior hashtags to find out the most popular bedroom colours, styles and accessories!


  1. #whitebedroom - 66.7k posts
  2. #greybedroom - 56k posts
  3. #pinkbedroom - 52.3k posts
  4. #bluebedroom - 20.7k posts
  5. #neutralbedroom - 18.8k posts

The colour of our bedroom has been linked to our mood, our ability to relax and our quality of sleep. The most popular bedroom colour is white, with 66,400 posts dedicated to the #whitebedroom tag. White is a fresh colour representing calmness and clarity, perfect for helping to destress after a long day. In contrast, bright colours such as red, yellow and orange only have around 1000 posts each which suggests that neutral colours are much more popular.


  1. #farmhousebedroom - 73.8k posts
  2. #rusticbedroom - 15k posts
  3. #bohemianbedroom - 10.6k posts
  4. #shabbychicbedroom - 10.5k posts
  5. #minimalistbedroom - 10.3k posts

The most popular bedroom style, with over 73,000 posts, is the farmhouse style known for its white palettes and warm wooden furniture. In terms of size, small bedrooms had over 15,000 more posts than big bedrooms which suggests that many of us are looking for inspiration for more compact spaces.  However the view from a bedroom is more popular than the size, with #bedroomview having 113,000 posts around seven times the number of posts than #smallbedroom.



  1. #fairylights - 1.5m posts
  2. #bedsidetable - 222k posts
  3. #luxurybedding - 266k posts
  4. #skylights - 124k posts
  5. #linenbedding - 96.6k posts


It seems that along with the colour of our bedrooms, many of us turn to Instagram for bedding inspiration. Luxury bedding has over 200,000 posts and white seems to be the favourite bedding colour, with over 48,000 posts dedicated to the #whitebedding tag. Fairy lights are a popular lighting choice with 1.5M posts, perhaps because their decorative nature contributes to the cozy ambiance of a bedroom.