New online research reveals how long it takes to sell a home across the UK

After spending so much time at home, many of us have decided to redecorate or move home altogether. Here at Thomas Sanderson, we decided to look at where in the UK it takes the longest and shortest time to sell a home so we could identify the areas that are in the most demand. 


After analysing data from propertydata.co.uk it was revealed that Queenborough in Kent is the easiest place to sell a home with an average of 138 days on the market. 


However compared to our previous research this is still a lot longer than the previous quickest selling location which was Haslemere, Surrey which took on average 42 days to sell a home back in 2019. 


Interestingly, the region didn’t impact on where is the quickest to sell a home with the South, Midlands and North all being represented in the three fastest selling areas.

Surprisingly, the slowest areas to sell a home were all in the south with Windsor taking an average of 1,014 days to sell, Watford taking 912 days and London taking on average 903.

After reviewing the 50 fastest-selling locations house price or location didn’t seem to be an indicator of what made a location more appealing to potential buyers. 


However, it was noticeable that no London locations were in the 50 fastest areas which could be because of the increasing house prices and more people moving out of London in search of more affordable living.

Richard Petrie, Thomas Sanderson spokesperson said: “It’s good to see so many different areas in the UK appearing in the fastest 50 selling locations although we have noticed that overall it is taking longer to sell than previous years. This could be down to lifestyle changes and buyers being more careful.”