Ideas and inspiration for living room blinds

Juliet Russell

BY Juliet Russell

Published: 01 July 2022 Updated: 26 July 2022

Whether your living room is a social space or a relaxing sanctuary, choosing the right window furnishings can help you make the most of the space. If you’re not sure what blind is right, here’s some ideas to help you find your perfect match.

Every window has a solution

If your living room is blessed with a series of large windows, or windows that are an unusual size or shape it can be tricky to find a solution.  This is where bespoke blinds really come into their own, crafted specifically for the space. Duette® blinds are a great choice for a living room, in part because they’re incredibly energy efficient, but also because they can be crafted for a wide range of size and shape, such as in this living room, with its three different windows.

Privacy and light

One of the challenges with some blinds is achieving a balance between leaving them up to allow light flow versus lowering for privacy. Silhouette® blinds provide an ideal solution, thanks to their sheer fabric panels which diffuse the light and give a level of privacy. In between the two panels are fabric vanes that can be tilted in a similar way to shutter louvres, allowing or restricting the light flow while preventing prying eyes from looking in.

A fabric alternative

If you like the colour and fabric options that curtains offer but want somethings that’s more flexible, then Roman blinds are probably just what you’re looking for. Neatly folding up into soft pleats whenever you want them out the way, they’re easy to adjust exactly how you need them. From charming patterns to bold plain fabrics, Roman blinds can be that perfect complement to your existing furnishings and really pull the look of your living room together.

Electric blinds

If you are considering blinds across your living space, it's worth considering how electric blinds can make controlling light an effortless experience.

If you want just a simple remote control then our Duette® blinds have an electric option via the Somfy system. If you like like high tech solutions that offer more features and additional interfacing then our PowerView system for Silhouette blinds will appeal. There's a stylised Pebble remote, or you can use a smart app or a voice control system like Alexa. Open or close your blinds at any house of the day, even when you are away from from home, or even set a schedule to change their position throughout the day so you don't even have to think about it.

Blind alternatives to shutters

Of course not all blinds come in fabric form and if you like a classic style then it’s definitely worth taking a look at wooden blinds. Sleek and stylish, wooden blinds offer a precise way to control light and privacy and come in a variety of wood stains or painted colours. They’re also an ideal choice if you’d like shutters in your living room but perhaps don’t have the wall space to fold them back.

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