Do Thermal Blinds Make a Difference?

10 June 2019

Datch Datchens

Datch Datchens

From hot summer days to brisk winter nights, thermal blinds can help to regulate the temperature of your home. By adding an extra barrier of insulation between your window and the room, the amount of exterior heat or cold air entering your room can be reduced, helping to keep your home a comfortable temperature all-year-round.

How thermal lining works

Thermal linings are usually made from a polyester/cotton blend fabric that is typically faced with either a thin layer of aluminium or acrylic foam. These often are only slightly thicker than the blind fabric, making them seamlessly blend with many styles of blind such as Roman or roller. For multiple windows like this bedroom bay window, thermal blinds can be paired with thermal curtains to give you an extra insulating layer when you need it.

Bespoke solutions for wider windows

Rooms that have larger areas of glass such as a bi-folding or patio doors can be more of a challenge when it comes to thermal blinds. Which is where bespoke solutions like the Micro Hive blinds shown in this kitchen are the ideal choice. Made up from two layers of pleated cellular fabric, these innovative blinds help to trap air in between the layers to act as a thermal barrier. And as they are precisely fitted directly to each glass panel, no door movement is restricted whether the blinds are folded up or drawn down.

The beauty of powered thermal blinds

Extended living spaces are an obvious place for thermal blinds, and energy-saving pleated designs like the Duette® blinds pictured in this conservatory can help you make this a usable space all year long. But with multiple blinds across roof panels, windows and doors, controlling them all can be a challenge. That is where a powered solution like our innovative PowerView® system can be the perfect solution. Just use the app to schedule when you would like your blinds to open and close, then sit back and watch each blind automatically keep the room at the optimum temperature.

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