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Abi Clewley

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Published: 02 February 2017 Updated: 21 May 2024

Inspiring bedroom window ideas

Creating a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation begins with thoughtful bedroom design, and one crucial element often overlooked is the window treatment. In this comprehensive guide, we discuss the options for bedroom window treatments in general, and delve into a transformative solution: our blackout shutters. These innovative window coverings, a combination of Duette® blinds and Full Height shutters or Tier on Tier shutters, not only elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom but could also revolutionise your sleep environment.

Blackout Shutters: A Sleep Oasis

In the quest for quality sleep, blackout shutters emerge as a game-changer. Combining the functionality of electric Duette® blinds with the elegance of Full Height shutters or Tier on Tier shutters, these blackout solutions offer a serene and darkened ambiance, which is ideal for achieving restorative sleep. Let's delve into the benefits of blackout shutters, and discover how this combination product can enhance your bedroom.

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What is a blackout shutter?

A blackout shutter is made up of two separate products; a Full Height shutter or Tier on Tier shutter, available in hardwood, composite or Vinyl, and an electric Duette® blind. Add a smart hub to this and you can control the blind by an app or via Amazon or Google devices, rather than just the remote. Discover the harmony achieved by combining shutters and blinds personalised and comfortable retreat.

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The shutter

The enduring allure of window shutters is undeniable, and when paired with blackout functionality, they become a statement piece in your bedroom. Explore the classic beauty of Full Height or Tier on Tier shutters, understanding how these timeless window treatments provide privacy, insulation, and a touch of sophistication to your sleep haven.


The blind

While shutters often take centre stage in a bedroom because of the aesthetic they create, the integration of Duette® blinds within this combination introduces versatility and function to your bedroom design. With the option to open the shutters fully during the day, you can enjoy the look of your blind as your main focus. Our Duette® blinds with their thermal honeycomb design are available in a wide range of different colours, from darkest black to brightest white and everything in between. And it's not just about colours; there's soft patterns and textures too. Dive into inspiring ways to incorporate blinds into your window treatment ideas, from adding texture to enhancing light filtration.

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Beyond blackout shutters

While there's no denying that blackout shutters are the prime option when it comes to solutions to block light in a bedroom for a good night's sleep, there are a whole host of bedroom window ideas to enjoy if blackout isn't an absolute priority.


By their very nature shutters for the bedroom are adept at contributing to reducing light at a window and the varying levels to which they achieve this is down to the style featured. A cafe style shutter shutter will do very little, while solid shutters form a significant barrier. Our made to measure shutters are the ideal choice, as the bespoke crafting ensures a precision fit to reduce light seepage, while the highly-engineered louvres sit flush one on top of the other.


Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be an excellent choice for blackout conditions when crafted from the right materials. Many Roman blinds are available with blackout lining or fabric, designed to block external light effectively and provide enhanced privacy. A well-fitted Roman blind will contribute to better blackout conditions, though you'll still experience some light seepage on either side. There's also a wide range of lightweight fabric to choose, if blackout isn't a factor for you.

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Roller blinds

Roller blinds are versatile and can suit various interior styles while providing effective light control. Roller blinds can be a good choice for blackout conditions. Many Roller blinds are designed with blackout fabrics, specifically engineered to help minimise light penetration. These blinds feature material usually with special coatings that effectively blocks external light, providing darkness and privacy when fully closed. You'll still experience minimal gaps between the blinds and the window frame which allows some light flow, but you can minimise this further by pairing with curtains. For non-blackout bedroom windows, you can opt for a sheer fabric that will allow more light to flow into the room than with a standard roller with the benefit of making it soft light.


Wooden blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds, while effective in controlling light, are not inherently designed for blackout conditions. The nature of the slats in Venetian blinds allows some light to filter through even when the slats are closed, but they’re quite a classic look, giving a smart but simple finish and are a practical choice if you need complete privacy and ideal for a small bedroom. However, for enhanced light control and increased privacy, you can pair wooden Venetian blinds with blackout curtains.

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Smart electric blinds

Smart electric blinds are a great choice for a bedroom for several different reasons. The convenience of being able to operate your blinds from the comfort of your bed is not only a pleasure but extremely practical, allowing you to see what the weather is doing so you can plan what to wear, enjoy breakfast in bed, or just wake up to nature. With smart control you can set timers to open your blinds just before your alarm goes off, and that natural daylight can make it easier to wake up too. And don't forget the process can be reversed - set the time to close your blinds at the end of the day and when you go to bed the scene is all set, rather than walking into a bedroom that feels dark and cold from the outside world looking in at you. Our Duette®, Roman and Roller blinds are all available as smart electric blinds for the ultimate convenience.

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Curtains are a really popular choice for bedroom window ideas. With such an enormous range of colour, patterns and textures you can easily find a fabric that will work with your room. They can give a full look at any window, and contribute to reducing natural light flow as they cover the entire window space. Consider whether you want maximum blackout from your curtains - in which case think about floor length curtains, which will help trap any light at the bottom. Team them with a blackout lining and you'll have a bedroom window treatment that works hard while looking beautiful. Don't forget to review your curtain pole as this can really contribute to the aesthetic of the room. And if blackout goals are of no importance to you, then create a more unusual bedroom look with the use of linen curtains, to give a light and airy feel.


More than product

Finding the right product for your bedroom window isn’t the end of the story. There’s more things to consider to really help make your bedroom be the haven of rest and rejuvenation you want it to become, so read on.

Blackout linings

One way to combat the incoming light is by utilising window treatments that feature blackout linings. This lining depends on the type of window dressing, but it's usually attached to the reverse of the fabric in some way, either stitched or bonded. You might also expect it to actually be black, but in fact it's usually not the case. With our Roman blind blackout lining, the three pass blackout lining has three separate coatings applied to the lining to create the blackout functionality and is actually ivory in colour. One consideration you do need to make is that it won't be 100% blackout, as you'll still have some bleed at the edges of the blind.



Bedrooms are the ideal space to embrace the concept of layering. Layering gives visual depth to any window and creates a weighty and luxurious look that's warm and relaxing - the perfect vibe for a bedroom. You could opt for the more traditional "blind and curtain" combination, in a variety of styles, or opt for the more contemporary "blind and blind" approach. Choose one with blackout properties and you'll benefit from light reduction and if both window treatments feature blackout you'll enjoy additional benefit. Our blackout shutter takes the concept of layering and elevates it, combining modern technology with traditional looks for a win-win bedroom window treatment.


Challenges with bedroom windows

Whether your bedroom has large picture windows or smaller windows, it's not too difficult to be find inspiring bedroom window ideas. But what if your windows aren't standard? What if they're an unusual size or shape, what if you have French doors in the room, or a window seat to consider? We've got window dressing ideas for those too.

Bay windows in a bedroom

Bay windows bring a touch of architectural charm to bedrooms but they can be quite a challenge to dress and even more of a challenge when it comes to blackout. Thankfully we can craft blackout shutters for these unique spaces as all our products are made to measure, transforming large bay windows into cosy alcoves of comfort. Uncover the perfect blend of form and function, ensuring your bay window becomes a focal point while providing the necessary privacy and light control. If blackout isn't an imperative, you should also consider individual blinds to each pane, and you can even opt for differing colours or a pretty pattern to really draw attention to the space.


French doors

One of the benefits of a ground-floor bedroom is being able to walk out straight into the garden to begin the day among nature, and that's why so many bedrooms feature French doors, or patio doors.


Window seats

Dressing bedroom windows with a window seat can be a delightful opportunity to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Opt for floor-length curtains in soft, luxurious fabrics like velvet or linen. Install the curtain rod just below the ceiling to create an illusion of height and make the window seat area feel more spacious.

Roman shades offer a tailored and neat appearance.

Consider shades with blackout lining for better light control, especially if the bedroom is used for sleeping. Choose a fabric that adds texture and visual interest.

Combine sheer curtains with heavier drapes for a layered effect. Sheer curtains allow natural light to filter through during the day, maintaining a bright and airy atmosphere. Use the heavier drapes for privacy and to create a cosy ambiance at night.

Coordinate the window seat cushions with the window treatment for a harmonious look. Consider adding ties or fabric loops to secure the cushions to the window seat, adding a touch of charm.

If you've got privacy concerns and don't want people looking in but still want to enjoy the view then it's worth thinking about window films. Easy to apply and available in a wide range of plain styles and more ornate patterns, a window film can be a great solution to privacy without losing any extra light.

One final idea for window seat areas is to co-ordinate your window treatment with the seat base, and install decorative panels to the front. Duplicate the colour, scheme pattern or even add slats of wood if your window features shutters and you'll create a complete look that looks intrinsic to the room design.

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The finishing touches

Delve into creative ways to adorn your bedroom window sills, transforming them into curated spaces that reflect your style. From incorporating greenery to creating a cosy reading nook, blackout shutters play a pivotal role in enhancing these window sill vignettes. Discover how to infuse personality into every corner of your bedroom with window sill decor ideas.



Embark on a journey of bedroom transformation, where blackout shutters take center stage, complemented by the elegance of bay windows, the versatility of blinds, and the timeless charm of shutters. Elevate your sleep haven to new heights, curating a space that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and the promise of rejuvenating slumber with the right bedroom window treatments for your home.

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