Hotel vs Rent was created by the team at Thomas Sanderson to discover where in the world it would be cheaper to stay in a hotel rather than rent an apartment for a month. 



The research found that there were 10 locations across the world where it would be cheaper to stay in a hotel rather than rent. In Bangkok, the average monthly rent is £426.89 whereas the monthly hotel stay for a 2* hotel is £150.00. Bangkok was followed by Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Istanbul in Turkey where it is over £15.00 cheaper to stay in a hotel for a month rather than rent an apartment. 




On the other hand, Antalya in Turkey is the cheapest location to rent, where it costs an average of £180.94 to rent an apartment for a month. Antalya is followed by Phucket in Thailand and Palma in Spain.  




New York is the most expensive location to rent and stop in a hotel, renting an apartment there will cost an average of £2524.84 whereas stopping in a hotel is an average of £3,000.00. A full table of the results can be found here:



The team analysed the monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre of some of the most popular cities in the world through numbeo.com. We then compared these prices to the cost of a night in the cheapest central hotel (not hostel) 2* or higher in the same location using kayak.co.uk.  We then multiplied this daily night rate by 30 to get the average cost for the whole month.