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We think everyone should have the chance to own a beautifully bespoke window furnishing, which is why we offer a range of flexible options to suit your needs. Speak to your local Thomas Sanderson designer during your in-home consultation and they can advise you on all the finance options we have available, including our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme.

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How to apply for finance
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    If you would like the option of spreading the cost of your order, speak to your designer during your in-home design consultation and they will run you through all your options.

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    If you are happy to proceed, we will submit your finance application during your in-home design consultation and be able to give you an instant answer if it was successful.

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    If you’re concerned about whether you will be accepted for finance, we now offer a soft search, which means we can get pre-approval before it leaves an imprint on your credit file, but this must be requested before your designer submits an application, while they are still in your home.

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    Once you have been accepted, you need to pay the initial deposit, which will secure your order, but you then will have nothing else to pay until after your order has been installed.

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    We work with Novuna Consumer Finance to offer competitive and secure finance options that give you ideal flexibility to suit your budget.

Find our Terms and Conditions here

How to apply for finance

a thomas sanderson advisor having a face to face consultation with two customers in their home
a thomas sanderson advisor having a face to face consultation with two customers in their home
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Your questions answered

What impact does making extra payments have on my agreement?

If you make extra payments it will reduce the amount of interest that you pay and may also reduce the time that it takes you to complete the agreement. You can make as many overpayments as you like either as regular monthly payments or as occasional lump sum payments.

If I make overpayments can I stop my normal monthly payment?

No. You will still have to make the contractual payments shown in your agreement until you have paid the total amount you owe.

How can I make extra payments?

The easiest way to make extra payments is to visit our finance provider’s website, https://my.hpf.co.uk and follow the instructions. You can pay by debit card, credit card or by internet or telephone banking. Speak to the Novuna Consumer Finance customer service team on 0344 375 5500 for more details.

What will I pay?

Successful applicants will pay a set monthly amount over a defined period of time (such as 120 months). Your agreement will be with Novuna Consumer Finance. The flexible plan is designed to give you the opportunity to make additional payments whenever you like, meaning you control how long you take to repay your balance. Thomas Sanderson Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 738098)

How is the interest calculated?

The interest and APR are calculated on the assumption that you will make each monthly payment on its due date over the full term of the agreement.

What will happen if I miss a payment?

If you fail to make a monthly payment in full on its due date you will be in arrears and the total interest you will have to pay will be more than the amount stated in the agreement. You may also have a charge applied to your account, details of which can be found on the back of your welcome letter.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes. Simply call Novuna Consumer Finance customer service team on 0344 375 5500 and request a settlement figure, this will give you the amount required if you were to pay it off now without the remaining accrued interest.

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