The True Value Of Famous Fictional Properties

Thomas Sanderson, the leader in bespoke Shutters and Blinds, has launched a new infographic which shows how much various fictional properties would really be worth, from Wayne Manor (£97.8 million) to Monica’s flat in friends (£3.1 million) and the flat above the Queen Vic (£1.75 million)

The infographic covers fictional homes from television shows, including properties from Eastenders, Downton Abbey, Friends and Sex And The City, and from movies, including locations from Harry Potter, Batman and Mrs Doubtfire.

Six properties from television and six properties from the big screen are looked at, and the real-life price was calculated by looking at the cost of similar properties in the area and applying that to the specifications of the houses.

Commenting on the infographic Thomas Sanderson Marketing Director, Richard Petrie, said:

“We thought that this infographic would be really interesting for anyone who’s ever sat watching a film or television program and wondered how much the property would actually be worth. It’s always fun to apply real-life logic to fiction and this research does have us questioning how some of the characters in the chosen shows and movies were able to afford such high price tags.”

Infographic showing the cost of fictional homes