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Florally patterned white curtains fitted to tall windows in a living room decorated with white walls

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While older-style homes often come with a wealth of desirable character, they can also struggle to keep the heat in when compared to modern builds. However, by adding a layer of Thermal Lining to your chosen curtain design, shutting out that annoying chill is a simple pull away.

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Functional yet stylish

Our Thermal Lining can be combined with most of our fabrics, and when paired with a pattern, the darker backing will help it appear bolder and richer when drawn fully across the window.

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Your questions answered

Can I have Thermal Lining with any curtain heading type?

Yes, this heat-saving backing can be added to all six of our curtain styles.

Does Thermal Lining come in any other colours?

No, because of the way the insulation properties are designed it is only available in our Ivory style.

How many fabrics can I have with Thermal Lining?

Thermal Lining can be a complement to a large number of our fabrics, but will not be appropriate for some lighter materials as it may affect the overall look and feel of the design. Your local Thomas Sanderson designer will be able to advise you on this at your complimentary design consultation.

What fullness can I have Thermal curtains made to?

All of our curtains will be made to double fullness as standard to ensure that the fabric hangs evenly whenever they are drawn.

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