Purple Curtains

Historically linked to the colour of royalty and luxury, purple curtains can add a distinctive and alluring feel to any room. While darker tones look opulent, pairing them with a lighter furnishing such as a warm grey sofa will make sure they do not overpower the room. On the softer side, lilac and heather shades can bring a calming influence to any space.

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Your journey with Thomas Sanderson
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    It starts with a local Thomas Sanderson designer helping you choose your perfect curtain style, fabric and colour, with product samples brought to your home.

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    Next our expert craftsmen will use only the best materials and techniques to measure, stitch and hem your new purple curtains here in the UK.

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    Your purple curtains will then be hand-finished to the nearest millimetre and expertly dressed by our specialist team, ensuring they will always hang beautifully.

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Your journey with Thomas Sanderson

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