Green Curtains

Found right in the middle of the colour spectrum, the refreshing feel of green curtains not only works well in both bedrooms and living spaces, but can also be paired with wooden furnishings to help a room feel closer to nature. Consider dark rich shades when dressing grand and period settings such as bay windows, and bright bold tones if you are looking to use natural light to its full potential.


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Your journey with Thomas Sanderson
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    It starts with a local Thomas Sanderson designer helping you choose your perfect curtain style, fabric and colour, with product samples brought to your home.

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    Next our expert craftsmen will use only the best materials and techniques to measure, stitch and hem your new curtains here in the UK.

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    Your curtains will then be hand-finished to the nearest millimetre and expertly dressed by our specialist team, ensuring they will always hang beautifully.

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Your journey with Thomas Sanderson

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