Curtains: cut from a superior cloth

We expertly craft and finish your luxury curtains to your exact requirements from high quality fabric. Our specialist installers professionally hang and dress your curtains for a beautiful finish. The knowledge we’ve gained delivering 30 years of bespoke solutions is what makes our products and services the best they can be.

New collection Plain and Textured Curtains

From modern interpretation of jacquards to updated herringbone weaves, linen-looks that flow and drape to sumptuous plush velvets, our curtains can now add more texture to your home. Choose from new metallic colours too – steel, silver, brass, neutral favourites such as husk, putty or linen or rich focal hues in ruby, merlot or midnight.

New collection

Plain and Textured Curtains

How to order your samples

You can order a sample for most products, just visit the relevant page, scroll down to the colour choices, where you can filter by colour or look at the whole range. When you see a fabric you like, simply click on the image and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can see further details. Click the “Order a sample” button to the right, and once you’ve chosen six or are ready, click “Order now”.

Discover our bespoke curtain options

Our bespoke curtain service
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    Design consultation: Working collaboratively with you in your home, your designer creates the specifications for your luxury curtains.

  • 2

    Technical consultation: Our installer visits your home to conduct a technical survey checking all measurements and any additional considerations.

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    Curtain production: Your bespoke curtains will be made using high quality materials and expertly hand-finished by our skilled craftspeople.

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    Professional installation: We will install tracks or poles if required and then your curtains will be hung and dressed for a beautiful finish.

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Our bespoke curtain service

a beige coloured curtain with a repeating white teardrop pattern being adjusted by someone
a beige coloured curtain with a repeating white teardrop pattern being adjusted by someone
someone hand threading the hem on a curtain

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