How to order your samples

How to order your samples

You can order a sample for most products, just visit the relevant page, scroll down to the colour choices, where you can filter by colour or look at the whole range. When you see a fabric you like, simply click on the image and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can see further details. Click the “Order a sample” button to the right, and once you’ve chosen six or are ready, click “Order now”.

Our bespoke curtain service
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    Design consultation: Working collaboratively with you in your home, your designer creates the specifications for your luxury curtains.

  • 2

    Technical consultation: Our installer visits your home to conduct a technical survey checking all measurements and any additional considerations.

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    Curtain production: Your bespoke curtains will be made using high quality materials and expertly hand-finished by our skilled craftspeople.

  • 4

    Professional installation: We will install tracks or poles if required and then your curtains will be hung and dressed for a beautiful finish.

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Our bespoke curtain service

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