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cream coloured roller blinds fitted to a french door and skylight windows in a kitchen setting

Crafted for unique window shapes

The beauty of gable end windows is how each uniquely shaped frame perfectly interlocks together. And if you choose bespoke blinds from Thomas Sanderson, you can be reassured that every design will be custom made to precisely fit each window. Add to this architectural feature in a colour and style that perfectly complements your home.

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Multiple yellow coloured blinds fitted to a gable end window in a living featuring an L shaped sofa

Contemporary design

With a unique tension fitting, each handcrafted blind can be fitted against the glass itself without hiding the frame. Ensuring your gable end will always look just as stylish as it was originally designed.

A remote for powered blinds resting on a black coffee table

Light at a touch

For windows in hard-to-reach places, our PowerView® system makes controlling your blinds an effortless experience. Just tap your smartphone or Pebble® remote and watch the light pour in.

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Home > Window Blinds > Gable End Blinds