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5 star on TrustPilot

5 star on TrustPilot

Simple charm & character

Our stunning range of Café Blinds turn the traditional design on its head to give you a window furnishing that is truly unique. Rather than being closed by pulling the blind down from the top, our Café style half-window blinds are operated from the bottom up – offering you ultimate privacy whilst still allowing light to flood into the room.

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Contemporary styling

Working from the bottom up, Café Blinds allow light to flow freely into a room while helping you maintain privacy, making your home feel elegantly unique.

Clean and simple

Fitted perfectly into the rebate of your windows, Café Blinds give a neat finish to any room in your home with no hanging cords for additional safety.

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Your local designer will come to your home to show you colour samples and full-working models of our product range.
Our expert craftspeople use the best materials and techniques to handcraft your furnishings to your exact specifications.
Your bespoke furnishings will be expertly fitted by our team with care and precision, leaving you with an exceptional finish.
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Find your local designer

Choosing the perfect blind is much more than simply matching a colour or fabric to your existing décor. Which is why your local Thomas Sanderson designer will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right product. With full working models and samples brought right to your door.

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Cafe blind faqs

How do Café blinds work?

Café window blinds are operated differently from traditional blinds. They work from the bottom up, allowing you to cover the lower half of your windows without blocking the light out completely. These blinds can be extended to cover the whole window should you desire.

How are Café blinds fitted to my window?

Our rebated TecNeat® fitting allows the blinds to sit neatly to the glass, allowing you to make full use of the window sill.

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