New Research Reveals Royal Estates With The Largest Mortgages

The Royal Family own and live in some of the most popular and beautiful estates in the UK. The team at Thomas Sanderson wanted to explore how much each estate would cost on a monthly basis if the royals were to have a mortgage. 

Taking the sizes of 18 main royal residences and their estates across the UK and multiplying these by the average square meter cost for a detached property in that postcode, the team were able to calculate the total value of the estates. Then using an interest rate of 1.89% with an 85% loan size over 25 years, we were also able to work out the monthly mortgage repayment.  

The research found that the estate with the most expensive mortgage is Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s Scottish residence, where the value of the total estate is a whopping £844,089,634,191.18. If paying a mortgage, the monthly repayments would be an eye watering £14,978,253,079.08. Balmoral is followed by the Sandringham House estate and the Kensington estate. 

The least expensive estate is Tamarisk on the Isle of Scilly, belonging to Prince Charles, which is a lot smaller at 1012 square meters. This has a total value of £7,858,142.79 making the monthly mortgage payments £139,441.65, a lot less in comparison to Balmoral. 

Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official residence, is the 6th most expensive estate with a value of £11,011,657,170.26 and monthly mortgage repayments of £195,400,3223.89. 

The total value of all 18 estates over the UK is £1,448,034,447,114.99. The full data table is below:

Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson, commented:

“The research shows that a mortgage for any of the royal estates is highly unattainable but considering the size of them and their rich history, it’s no surprise to see the costs so high.

As property prices are much higher down south we expected Buckingham Palace to be the most expensive estate as it is in the centre of London, understandably Balmoral and other estates are much larger and therefore more expensive”. 





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