Parent Saving

Do you ever worry if you are saving enough for your child?
With parents now becoming the 10th largest Mortgage lender in the UK there is more pressure than ever to help your children later on in life. Try our nifty tool to see how much you should be saving if you want to give your child some money towards a house when they turn 21.

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Parent Saving Calculator

In order to give your child a deposit for a house in on their 21st birthday you should save:

per month

House prices have increased on average by

per year since 2006.

This means that when your child turns

an average house in your area is likely to cost:

in NaN

For a

your child will need
This works out as

per month

Did you

Click the boxes to reveal facts about savings in the UK


10 million

households in the UK have no savings at all

22-29 year olds

are the worst at saving, with


households in the UK have no savings at all

Average cost of raising a child in the UK is


Parents in the UK became the

10th largest

mortgage provider in 2018 giving an estimated

Almost 1/3 parents’ annual income

is spent on raising their child

It is

46% more expensive

to raise a girl than a boy – that equates to a difference of more than a full-price university degree

The cost of raising a child has increased by


since 2003


of parents aren’t prepared for the costs of parenthood