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Follow the steps below if you have an issue with your order


In the unfortunate event that you have a complaint which you wish to raise with Thomas Sanderson our complaint procedure is detailed below.


Primarily, we would ask you to contact our Customer Service Team using any of the channels below and explain to us the nature of your complaint in as much detail as you can;


Telephone: 0800 014 2525 Monday to Friday between 0800-1900 and Saturday 0900-1300.

Post: Customer Services, Thomas Sanderson LTD, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7UW

* Please include your preferred telephone number and an email address to enable us to expedite responses.

    • Once your complaint is received it will be recorded on our internal IT system and you will be personally assigned a dedicated member of our Customer Services team who will be responsible for monitoring and administering your complaint.
    • Your complaint will also be assigned to a Manager best suited to investigating your concerns, who will contact you either via phone, letter or email to discuss your complaint and where appropriate agree a resolution.
    • You will receive an acknowledgement to your complaint within 2 working days and our aim, where possible, is to have an agreed resolution within one week.
    • Once your complaint has been fully investigated you will receive a final response letter from your assigned Manager.
    • If at any point you feel the above process hasn’t been adhered to or wish to escalate your complaint please write to our Head of Customer Centre – whose details are below. 
    • Letters will be acknowledged within 2 working days of receipt and a formal written response will be issued within 14 days.

Mr Scott Ryan, Head of Customer Centre, Thomas Sanderson LTD, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville. Hampshire PO7 7UW

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