What are Awnings?

Abi Clewley

BY Abi Clewley

Published: 16 February 2022 Updated: 03 August 2023

Retractable awnings are a great addition to your home, allowing you to extend your living space out into your garden, turning your patio or house's exterior into a practical spot to enjoy some relaxation or entertain friends and family.

So what is an awning?

Take a walk down a busy street in the warmer months and you're bound to see an awning over a shop - often striped or brightly coloured, reminiscent of ice cream sellers on a seaside. Now awnings are coming off the high street and into our gardens - and they're a far more luxurious affair.

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Why do I need an awning?

Patio awnings open up your possibilities by adding an area of shade even in the strongest sun and they're so beneficial it's like having an extra room in your home, extending your interior home into the outdoors and giving you more space. During warmer months it's perfect for al fresco dining and optional heating and lighting allow you to enjoy it during the cooler months too. Looking for a quiet spot to curl up with a good book? Your patio awning creates the ideal cosy nook, the fabric giving you shade from the bright sunlight which can sometimes give you a headache while reading.

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Ultra violet protection

It's not just you that an awning protects - the fabric used in our awning are UV resistant, which will help prevent sun damage to your furnishings. While actively offering shade to people and things directly underneath it, it's also having a benefit beyond the shaded area beneath. The shade of your awning keeps the adjoining interior room cool, and helps reduce glare inside too. Most awnings also provide a little privacy to your outdoors area, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your extra living space. 

Tebbutts awning hanging over the patio in their garden with benches and a table

How do awnings work?

In simple terms, retractable awnings comprise of a panel of fabric that can be extended over an area to provide shade, usually over a patio or deck, with metal arms on either side to support it. These arms are attached to an exterior wall, usually above a French door, patio door or bi-fold door opening into your home. All our awnings are motorised as standard and can be operated by a simple remote control. 

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Smart control

Modern technology is transforming window furnishings throughout our homes and retractable awnings haven't been left behind either. Now you no longer have to scrabble for the remote control to operate fabric awnings - just reach for your phone instead. Smart electric control now helps you operate the furnishings on your house's exterior as well as those inside for total ease of operation. With the integration of a hub, you can use an app on your phone or tablet to operate your awning from inside or out. And it's not just about extending and retracting either. With the app you can set timers - it's idea if you want the sun to warm up the patio or deck up to a point but then put it in the shade so it's just right for you when you're ready to enjoy it. It's also a great way to create the illusion of being at home if you're out of the house.

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What weather can I use my awning in?

Our luxury awnings are crafted using high quality fabric, treated to prevent fading. Any sunny say is ideal awning weather, as it will provide shade from the sun's rays not only for you but for your furniture and soft furnishings. Built-in vibration sensors retract your awning if there is any indication of high winds, so there's one less thing for you to worry about - ideal for Britain's inclement weather! Awnings need to be manually retracted if it rains and extended fully to allow them to dry when the rain has stopped. 


And it’s not just you that an awning protects – the shade of your awning will also keep the adjoining interior room cool, and help reduce glare inside, and help prevent sun damage to your furnishings. An awning also provides a little privacy to your outdoors area, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your extra living space.

Optional extras

For ultimate enjoyment of your awning long into the evening, we offer optional integrated heating and lighting, allowing you control at the touch of a button – no more interrupted al fresco dining as the evening cools down. You can also choose sun sensors, which activate your awning as soon as sunshine is detected, meaning you have a shaded spot ready and waiting for you when you're ready.

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All about the look

Our high quality patio awnings come in a wide range of different fabrics, from plain to candy-stripe, patterns to pinstripes, and in a wide range of colours so you can choose to complement or contrast with your home or outdoor area. You can also choose from straight or scalloped edging, and the colour of the framework, for a true bespoke experience.

green coloured awning which hangs over a sofa and coffee table on a patio

Where can my awning go?

Our professional installers undertake a survey prior to installation to ensure the awning placement will provide shade at an optimum level for as much of the day as possible, allowing for the sun's movement. Our awnings aren't just for patios though, we can occasionally install awnings on frames if there is no brickwork to attach it to, similar to a fabric canopy. And despite being a single storey building, bungalows can also benefit from awnings too, thanks to our specialist fittings. The type and placement of retractable awnings depends on a variety of different factors and our free in-hoe consultation service is the best way to discuss all the different options. 


What are awnings made from?

We offer two different types of aluminum awnings which are coated for extra durability. You can choose from a range of colours depending on which awning type you choose to match or contrast with any adjacent doors or windows. 


What about the fabrics?

The fabrics used in our awning is a 100% solution dyed fabric which offers excellent solar protection and superb long-term UV protection. The individual fibres are dyed before being woven which means that the colour dye is locked into the core of the fibres during manufacture (in contrast to the traditional yarn-dying process where colours are applied to the surface of the finished yarn) and this gives exceptionally long-lasting, ultra-vivid colours. 

metal arms supporting the Tebbutts awning

Is patio awning maintenance difficult?

Retractable awnings are relatively low maintenance but there are a few factors to keep in mind. Most awnings will need very little hands-on care and we use low maintenance fabrics for ease too and a soft bristle brush should take care of most issues. A simple wipe down of the awning cassette and brackets will help extend the life of your awning. 


How long will my awning last?

The lifetime of your awning depends on a number of different factors, including weather, usage and location. As well as a full 12-month warranty, which covers repairs or replacements to any faulty goods, our awnings also come with a five year guarantee which also includes the awning motor. 

awning in the Tebbutts garden in a retracted position
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