Top 10 Interior design styles explained

09 January 2017

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

As a nation, the UK’s homes tend to reflect the very different personalities of their owners, but we all know what style of interiors we prefer. If you're looking to restyle your home, here’s a rundown of the most popular styles for you to consider.

1.    Contemporary

The contemporary style home is a vibrant and exciting showcase of interior design from up and coming designers, as well as the latest technology and gadgets. With this modern look, if it’s funky and new, it’s in!  From furniture, fabrics and window shutters to objet d’art and paintings, this style can be very aesthetically pleasing.

2.    Minimalist

A house with a minimalist interior goes one step further than the contemporary home. With this streamlined style, less is most definitely more. There’s no clutter and the walls and floors are usually white or neutral. This allows the colour of carefully chosen statement pieces of furniture such as a chair, sofa or table to really stand out.

3.    Scandi

Heavily influenced by the interiors in crime dramas like The Killing and The Bridge, Scandinavian style is hugely popular in the UK. Pale colours are used to make the most of the light while natural materials, particularly wood, are a feature throughout the home. Stripped wooden floors are common which complement the clean and simple lines of Scandi design.

4.    Retro

This fun look is all about combining striking patterns from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s with furniture and furnishings from the same decades. It’s a modern take on period style. You could simply use wallpaper or fabric in a pattern you like with pops of your favourite colour, or you could go the whole hog and seek out authentic junkshop finds to add to your interiors.

5.    Traditional

The traditional style home is one of the most popular in the UK – and for good reason. It never goes out of fashion and it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This classic look is slightly formal but comfort is key, so you should choose furniture and furnishings that make you feel relaxed. Add in some of your favourite antiques to complete the overall design.

6.    Period

Whether it’s Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or 1920s era, the period style home will take its inspiration from the time in which the building was constructed. It’s great to source original fixtures and fittings to restore your property to its former glory, and you can also copy ideas from the past such as using window blinds with curtains to dress windows.

7.    Country house

This is a perennial favourite and you don’t need a place in the countryside to get the country house look! It’s a bit more casual than the traditional style home with a cosy and snug feel. Key features in the living area are antique furnishings, a wood-burning stove or open fire and shabby chic comfy sofas, while the kitchen with its range cooker sits at the heart of the home.

8.    Glamorous

The glamorous style home is opulent to the extreme! Inspired by the decadence of Hollywood, this look is all about pizzazz. Carefully chosen lighting, sumptuous fabrics in velvet and silk, and shiny metallics and mirrors all combine to create a dramatic and stylish interior that’s sure to impress.

9.    Rustic

In recent years, the rustic style home has become increasingly popular. The emphasis is on simple, natural materials such as wood, leather, seagrass and cork. To get this look, you can also be creative in upcycling old furniture and re-using things for a new purpose. Hand-made items that haven’t been mass-produced are another key element.

10. Eclectic

This style is perhaps the most popular of all: a comfortable mix of old and new that immediately makes visitors feel at home. Antiques handed down the generations; souvenirs from far-flung corners of the world; and even paintings by your children or grandchildren: you can add in all of your favourite things, making your house a complete reflection of you and your tastes.

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