Stylish alternatives to Net Curtains

11 July 2018

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Net curtains – most of us have had them in our homes at some stage. Many of us have put up with them longer than we may have liked. And why not? They do a job. They are effective in preserving privacy – even if they don’t add much to the style and substance of the décor in your home.

If you’re thinking of a makeover that starts with replacing your dated and fussy net curtains, then we’ve got some alternative options for you.

Pleated blinds

One of the most versatile window dressings available, pleated blinds are stylish while preserving your privacy. Pleated blinds have a slim profile, which can be fitted to perfection on your windows.

The blinds can be raised all the way to the top of the window to allow full sunlight to enter, and closed to the very bottom, assuring your privacy. Pleated blinds are also child-friendly, as there are no dangling cords for the little ones to tug on and pull down.

Why are pleated blinds better than net curtains?

  • They add a stylish finish to your windows
  • Pleated blinds can be raised to the top of your window frame, whereas as average net curtains can’t be completely out of sight
  • Pleated blinds do not leave dangling cords, unlike net curtains, which can be tugged on even if undrawn
  • Some pleated blinds can be remote-controlled

Venetian blinds

If you’re constantly frustrated by your net curtains not keeping out unwanted daylight when you’re sleeping, then Venetian blinds are your best alternative. The blinds consist of horizontal slats that can be pivoted up or down to allow the optimum level of sunlight through at any time.

Venetian blinds can also be rolled up partially or to the full extent of the window to suit. This style of window dressing is perfect for preserving privacy, and unlike net curtains, they can be easily cleaned anytime they gather dust.

Why are Venetian blinds better than net curtains?

  • You can rotate the slats depending on how much or how little amount of sunlight you want
  • The blinds can be pulled up to the top of the window, giving you the full view out of your window
  • Venetian blinds are quicker to draw up and down than net curtains

Thermal blinds

Did you know that 50% of heat in your home is lost through the windows? If you needed any more reason to ditch those net curtains, you’ve just found it! As well as fitting in with the stylish décor of your home, thermal blinds are economical as well. Not only will they improve the way your window dressing looks, but you’ll start to see the difference in your energy bill too.

It’s not just the heat – thermal blinds can also prevent up to 46% of external noise from disturbing your peace and quiet.

Why are thermal blinds better than net curtains?

  • Thermal blinds can help in reducing your energy bills
  • Stops unwanted heat entering in the summer and precious heat escaping in the winter
  • They are easier to clean
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