Master the light with powered Duette® blinds

Juliet Russell

BY Juliet Russell

Published: 08 July 2022 Updated: 16 August 2022

Duette® blinds are an innovative and high-performance blind that will help you to master the light in your home. Read on to find out more.

Why choose Duette® blinds?

The secret to the energy efficiency of Duette® blinds lies in the actual physical structure of the blind, rather than in some clever modern fabric – although more of that later. Taking its inspiration from Mother Nature, Duette® blinds feature a tall stack of honeycomb-shaped cells, one on top of another. This cellular structure traps air and prevents it from escaping, so in winter you don’t lose heat from the room, while in summer it acts as an insulator and helps to keep the heat out.

What's the benefit of a Duette blind?

Let’s take a closer look at the facts and figures surrounding Duette® blinds.
99% - the amount of harmful UV rays removed

99% - glare reduced, dependant on the fabric colour

78% - the sun’s heat kept out during the summer

49% - the maximum heat loss reduction in winter

45% - noise reduction from outside

What does this mean?

That’s an impressive range of performance statistics for any product, and to have them all in one blind it’s easy to see why it’s one of our most popular choices. So how does one blind manage to achieve so much? As mentioned before, the shape is paramount, but it’s also down to the fabric too. Crafted from the highest grade of polymer available, the fabric is made from UV stabilised polymer and are electrostatically impregnated, so they’re dust repellent, resistant to humidity and have a high colourfast scale point, with excellent reflective qualities.
So combining the high performance fabric with the energy efficient shape results in a blind that truly delivers on every angle.

Two grey pirouette blinds fitted to large rectangular windows in a living room with a cream sofa and wooden floor

Let's talk looks

With over 90 fabrics to choose from currently, there’s a wealth of choice, in both colour and fabric effect. Batiste offers a touch of linen effect weave, and also comes in a sheer version, for a barely there look. If you want a more luxurious look, then Silk will be the ideal choice, with its affective silk-effect texture that’s very tactile. For elevated texture you can choose Silk Crosshatch, or the contemporary Silk Plate. For a modern take, Stones features a cuboid pattern, while the Linear, Montana and Naturelle ranges offer different takes on linear texture. Silk Carbon, seen here, was our most popular choice during May.

All about the details

As experts in window furnishings, we know that sometimes you need a little bit more from your blinds, so our Duette® range offers additional fabrics to meet your needs. Want different colours inside, but a uniform appearance from outside? Duotone blinds can accomplish this, with a reverse in white across all colourways. Need a blind for bedroom that helps with early morning light? Dim Out Duette® blinds feature a layer of Mylar foil that minimises light flow, and you can choose this in both Batiste and Silk ranges.

Light control at your fingertips

We’ve all had that annoying experience of just getting settled and comfortable in your favourite spot, or even sitting down for a meal, only to have the sun move and come streaming through the window, or the clouds to roll in and block any light at all! Choose electric Duette® blinds, and it’s a quick fix with a tap of the remote button to raise or lower your blind just how you want it, for total control over the light in your home.

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