How fitting blinds can help you get a good night’s sleep

05 July 2019

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Light has a big effect on our sleep patterns. During the day it helps us to feel awake, alert and full of energy. However, long summer evenings make it harder to fall asleep. Which can leave us feeling tired, grumpy and depressed.

There are many different ways to create the ideal sleep environment. Follow our tips to discover how blinds can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Get the right light

Putting smartphones down in the evening is a start when it comes to creating the right environment for sleep. Blocking out the light from our windows is another way to get a restful atmosphere.

Custom made blinds that are fitted to the exact size of your windows can really help to make sure the light is minimised coming into the room. Blinds with a specialist blackout lining reduce the light coming in even further. The Duette range can block 99% of the light coming into your room.

Creating the right light is only the start of controlling your sleep environment.

Silence is golden

During sleep, the brain continues to register and process sounds which affect everything from heart rate to blood pressure. So a quiet room encourages better sleep.

The unique honeycomb design of Duette blinds absorb and trap sound which reduces the level of outside noise by 45%.

Keeping cool on hot summer nights

The warmer temperature makes it difficult to sleep in the hot weather even if we have switched out the winter duvet.

It really pays to invest in smarter options for your home. Reflecting the light with blinds like Pirouette gives you a much cooler room without the need for fans. This can also keep electricity bills down.

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