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Choosing Shutters for Sash Windows

17 June 2019

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Found typically in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era properties, sash windows are still seen as a popular design feature. And if you are considering bespoke shutters for this window type, as long as the shutter is not fixed in place and you can still access the window, no particular style is better for a sash window. What it mainly comes down to is the style of your room and your personal preferences.

Full height shutters

Custom-made shutters that cover the entire window space are referred to as full height shutters. And as long as they can open independently to still give you access to the window, they can be a beautiful addition to sash windows and give you full control over light and privacy. If you room has an older style or single-glazed sash window, full height shutters can also help to insulate your room by covering the entire window and even offer a helpful barrier against outside noise.

Solid shutters

If you are looking for more of a traditional feel, solid shutters could be a perfect choice. Available in a range of beautiful styles and colours, these eye-catching shutters provide unmatched privacy and light blockage when you need it, and with solid panels also help to further reduce outside noise. Allowing you to open them throughout the day to enjoy your sash windows, then close them up before bed for a silent night.

Café shutters

If you do not want to cover the window completely, a café shutter still offers you reassuring privacy from anyone passing by without restricting light or the views from above. Whether open or closed, these continental-style shutters will likely still give you access to your sash window, allowing you to still operate the window with ease. Café shutters can be made bespoke with louvres or solid panels, giving you options for how you can style them with curtains and other décor.

Tier on Tier shutters

If you have a room that needs something a little more versatile, Tier on Tier shutters can be split into two easy-to-use sections – giving you the option to change the configuration to suit any time of day.  A clever design twist that helps you maintain your privacy without blocking out the natural light, these shutters are a great choice for living spaces and even bathrooms, by choosing a water-resistant shutter design like our Waterberry Vinyl shown here.

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