Bringing Nature into Your Home

21 May 2019

Datch Datchens

Datch Datchens

From affecting your mood to brightening a room, there are many benefits to adding a touch of nature to your home. And as this 2019 interior design trend has developed, it has shown us that plants are not the only way to bring the outside in. With natural décor and earthly colours cropping up in more interior themes, it is worth considering how your window furnishings can also be a useful tool to help any room feel closer to mother nature.

The flow of natural colours

Colour is always a simple place to start when choosing the theme of your room. And natural colours like rich earthy browns and cool ocean blues are brilliant at turning any space into a relaxing sanctuary. Our desire to bring nature home has also brought a selection of delicious green hues into the spotlight, which really shine when used as accent colours to match other colour pops around your room. Like how these wooden shutters bring out the sofa cushions while softly complementing the pastel walls.

Florals stand the test of time

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still bring plants in your theme with a natural patterned fabric. Finding the right floral pattern is mainly down to its dominant features. So if you have a favourite colour or theme in mind, look for a floral pattern that incorporates that and build your room styling around it. Whether that is using the main fabric colour to draw the eye, or picking softer accents like how the yellow and blue petals on these Roman Blinds nod to the bold sofas. Floral patterns are not the old-fashioned choice they once were. So if florals appeal to you, don’t be afraid to go big and bold with an oversized print and beautiful colours.

Complement natural materials in the room

As you begin to add more natural furniture and décor into your space, consider how your window furnishings can either help to continue the theme or softly complement it. This quiet space shown here for example has more earthy tones and the bold feel of stone and pebbles, which makes the sheer Silhouette® blinds a perfect choice as it not only encourages light but also offers a sheer contrast to the deep grey colourings. On the other hand, if this space had more natural wood like a coffee table or wicker chair, a wood-stained shutter would be an ideal complement.

If in doubt, white offers a blank canvas

When you are trying to bring more of nature in, covering a window with a bespoke furnishing can feel like a step in the other direction. But done in the right way it can have the complete opposite effect. Using white for example is a brilliant way to encourage more natural light into your room, and also offers a beautiful canvas that will show off any natural elements you bring into the room. From wooden tables and plant life to wicker lamp shades and faux animal rugs.

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