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Commanding design

Grand Designs call for expert knowledge, quality materials and innovative solutions and these qualities are at the heart of Thomas Sanderson. We're passionate about bespoke design, superior craftsmanship and quality products and for over 25 years our expertise has delivered custom-made solutions for unique windows. Be inspired, with Grand Designs and catch up on all the episodes on All 4.

Whether your own Grand Design features a stunning wall of glass in a modern minimalist dream or unique shaped windows in a mediaeval masterpiece, at Thomas Sanderson we can custom make the ideal shutter, blind or curtain for your home. From traditional wooden shutters brought up to date with modern technology, and concept blinds with innovative designs, not to mention a wealth of luxurious fabric curtains that are perfect no matter how grand your design.


As Grand Designs so expertly shows, windows come in so many shapes and sizes it can often be confusing to know the best window dressing to choose but we can help with an extensive range of options. First think about the features you can't change and have to work in co-operation with – the setting, the architecture, or any challenging areas that you need solutions for; we're sure to have the bespoke answer you need.

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Patio door

Patio doors are a great way of making your outside seem part of the inside, but they can be tricky to dress, particularly if they're in frequent use. This is the case in the Lewes house, and it's also the main entrance, not to mention part of a larger wall of glass. Our tracked shutters are the answer as they smoothly concertina, ensuring unrestricted movement through doors, while still looking elegant.

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Contemporary Styling 500X295

Contemporary styling

Our Pirouette® blinds take a conventional roller and use innovative technology to bring it up to date. Fitted into the rebate, the entire blind can be fully contained in a slimline cassette, and when extended, reveals a single sheer fabric with fabric vanes on top, which can be opened or closed against the sheer backdrop. A modern solution for both modern and traditional settings.

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Outside And In 500X295

Outside and in

If you have beautiful views or outdoor features, you want to appreciate them inside and outside. Our luxury awnings enable you to do just that. Fully motorised, with intelligent wind sensors which will retract the awning to protect it, you can add a range of options including integrated heating, lighting and even programmable timing. Currently our awnings can be fitted in various areas across the south of England.

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Ease of use

Grand Designs often feature high ceilings, skylights and walls of glass, and the challenge is controlling light versus privacy, just as it can be in more everyday homes. Our PowerView® blinds are the ultimate answer. Letting you control your Duette®, Silhouette® and Pirouette® blinds at the touch of a button with the Pebble® remote, via an app on your smartphone, or even by voice through Amazon, Google or Apple Home voice activation

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As with all the best design, it's our attention to detail that sets us apart. Our experience of bespoke crafting has resulted in innovative features, such as intelligent and patented fabric technology, discreet fixtures, and remote power systems for total home integration. So even if your home isn't a Grand Design, we can help you to make it one, where every detail is aesthetically pleasing.

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