Custom made in classic or deep pencil pleat

We offer two choices of pencil pleat – classic and deep. Classic pencil pleat is the standard three inch pleat sewn along the heading for a traditional look. The deep pencil pleat has a six inch pleat for an elegant, natural look. Both options can be hooked onto your track or pole at three separate heights, allowing your curtain to sit at the right level.

Our bespoke service
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    Design consultation: Working collaboratively with you in your home, your designer creates the specification for your bespoke Pencil Pleat curtains.

  • 2

    Technical consultation: Our installer visits your home to conduct a technical survey, checking all measurements and any additional considerations.

  • 3

    Curtain production: Your bespoke Pencil Pleat curtains will be made using high quality materials and techniques by our skilled craftspeople.

  • 4

    Professional installation: Our experts will install tracks or poles if required and then your Pencil Pleat curtains will be hung and dressed for a beautiful finish.

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Our bespoke service

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