How to style ochre

Former editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration UK, Michelle Ogundehin explains how to incorporate this wonderfully warm ‘pinch of spice’ into your home.

The beauty of ochre

Michelle Ogundehin shares her expert advice on styling curtains and roman blinds in this wonderfully warm, invigorating shade.


an image of interior designer Michelle Ogundehin standing with harlequin curtains and other decorative ornaments

Michelle on ochre

‘Ochre is a colour that works across all the seasons. This mustard yellow is rich and deep - like a pinch of spice for any scheme. It’s a wonderfully warming shade’.

Recreate the crisp feel of an Autumn day with the warm russet tones of Entity Plains Gold paired with a rich velvet watercolour print Kelambu Amber Slate. Select furnishings in classic blue hues and accessorise with luxe metallic accents. Cushions in Chaconia Brass Ink, Pontia Ochre/steel and Deflect Ink finish this warm and invigorating look.


A collaboration in colour

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