22 September 2014


Pleated blinds make for a stylish addition to any home. A popular choice for both windows and in the conservatory, pleated blinds look chic, and have many practical uses too.

The Thomas Sanderson blinds come in all shapes and sizes, completely made to measure to ensure that you get pleated blinds perfect for creating a relaxing ambience in any room of your home.

The benefits of pleated blinds

Blinds are easily stored, and can be completely drawn up to the top of your window. This is perfect for people with a lack of space, or just those that want an obstruction free view of the outside world.

They can also be pulled half down to act as a filter for the sunlight, protecting your furniture and preventing insects from entering your home.

Pleated blinds that are made to measure will compliment your room and at the same time allow light to pass through. They are much harder wearing then curtains and look just at home in the kitchen as they would in your bedroom, with a variety of hues and shades available to choose from.

There is also the option of having the blinds down in front of an open window, so you are sitting in the shade but still able to feel a breeze.

These blinds also have the benefit of privacy. They can be placed on a very public window without any nosy neighbours being able to see in!

Our pleated blinds come in four different designs:

Cleaning your blinds

A common question we get asked is how exactly to clean your blinds. There are several ways to achieve this:

The Thomas Sanderson pleated blinds are fitted to perfection by our experts who will come to your home and accurately measure your window before hand-crafting our luxurious, totally unique blinds that will be guaranteed for five years.

There are several finance options available, and a free design consultation can be yours just by calling 0800 056 2929.

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