30 July 2015


There was a time when bi folding doors were a rare sight in this country, but now they are common all over the UK.

They are a popular choice for new build properties, as they look aesthetically pleasing and yet are useful and space conserving too.

If you’ve got bi folding doors, then you’ll know it can be difficult to find the right blinds for them. You want shade, privacy and to protect your furniture from UV damage, and yet a lot of blinds companies aren’t even equipped to fit this style.

But don’t worry – Thomas Sanderson have the answer…

Why bi-folding doors?

Bi folding doors are a great way to make the most out of the space you have, whilst still creating a lovely gateway from your home to your garden.

These doors are mostly rebate fitted for a space-saving and streamlined look. You can make the most out of a particular area in your home, and have a large area open for a breeze or to admire your garden.

A lovely addition to any living room or conservatory, they allow a connection between your home and your garden. You can let a fresh breeze into the house, and sit in your living room or conservatory enjoying the beauty of your conservatory and the garden beyond.

However, as excellent as bi folding doors are, it can be difficult to find a set of blinds that fit. Standard blinds that aren’t made to measure will not look right – our MicroPleat blinds literally hug the frame and fit perfectly.

Don’t waste such a stunning feature with subpar blinds.

Take the glare off

In the summer, bi folding doors can let in a lot of heat and light, especially if they are made completely from glass. This can be annoying, leave glare on TV screens, and sun-strip the furniture.

So as nice as they look, they are not always practical – especially if they are south facing. But don’t be tempted to get rid of your bi folding doors just yet!

Our pleated blinds have been specifically designed with this kind of door in mind. They even have a bevelled bead to allow you ease of control at the mere lift of a finger.

The Thomas Sanderson promise

We specialise in blinds and shutters for windows of all shapes and sizes – skylights, bay windows and of course, conservatories.

Each one of our blinds comes with a 5 year guarantee, as we are confident that our products are built to last.

And with our wide array of colour options available, there’s something to suit every interior, every shade and style you could want.

Contact us now for a free no obligation quote and design appointment, and we’ll send one of our knowledgeable and fully trained designers round to your house to assess your bi folding doors.

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