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24 September 2014


We caught up with Dave, one of Thomas Sanderson’s leading conservatory valet specialists. He’s part of the team responsible for helping Thomas Sanderson transform over 1400 conservatories into tip top condition.

With customer feedback like; “superb job”, “excellent service”, and “pristine condition”, there’s no wonder that the Thomas Sanderson lads are in such high demand. Presently the team are transforming 50 conservatories every week!

Exclusive products

Treat yourself to Thomas Sanderson’s premium service – a top of the range conservatory valet.

As Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of blinds for windows and roofs, Thomas Sanderson know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to conservatories!

Their exclusive cleaning products are not available to buy in shops – the only way you have access to the immense cleaning power is to utilise the skills of Thomas Sanderson’s expert valeters.

We asked Dave what it was like to be a valeter working for the UK’s top supplier of bespoke shutters and blinds.

“It’s the customer feedback that makes it worthwhile. We’ve had people say the conservatory is better now than when they first got it. It’s a hard job, but the results can be great. Everybody is amazed at the transformation from start to finish.   

Intensive labour

When asked why someone would employ a Conservatory Valet company over attempting to clean their room themselves, Dave smiled and said; “because it’s exceptionally hard and difficult work!”

And it is. Even after climbing up onto the ladder and positioning yourself in such a way that protects the roof – you’ll have to buff and polish everything on the inside too.  Everything that we do is completed by hand, both inside and outside of the conservatory. This ensures that the correct pressure is applied to the conservatory, leaving it sparkling and in many cases better than when it was new.

Order a valet from Thomas Sanderson, and you get the works. Everything on the interior and exterior will be cleaned, hand polished and lubricated to your heart’s content.

The attention to detail that the workers have is immeasurable. They will -



The guys will move all of your furniture out of the conservatory, and cover it with sheets for protection where necessary. That means absolutely no heavy lifting for you!

“People often tell us that their conservatory is now a room to be proud of and more usable after the valet,” said Dave.

In fact, the team welcome a challenge. What is the point of even having a conservatory if you are never going to use it? It’s a crying shame, and it happens more often than you would think…

Understandably, people simply don’t want to spend their day elbow deep in rotten leaves to try and get their conservatory looking a bit prettier – so why not invest in a conservatory valet from Thomas Sanderson?

Price depends on size

Thomas Sanderson employ a very simple pricing mechanism, which is geared around the number of roof panels included in your conservatory design.

The benefits of having a clean conservatory

You may think this is a bit of an obvious one. The main benefit is having a pristine room for years to come – if you are lucky enough to own a conservatory, looking after it is one of the key thing to sustaining its use over the years.

With Thomas Sanderson, you know you are receiving a top quality service. If you’ve ever bought or seen our blinds and shutters, you’ll know that we have no half measures – we pride ourselves on the fact that everything we do is top quality.  

And that includes our valet - as industry leaders, we have the expertise to be able to restore your conservatory to as new condition.

Our final question for Dave was simply; “What makes a Thomas Sanderson valet different from the rest?”

His response was simple.

“Look at it like this – If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and that’s we do as well as being great value for money” said Dave, with a smile on his face. 

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