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21 September 2017


Choosing the right shutters for patio doors


Patio doors are a valuable addition to any home, allowing for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. They can frame a gorgeous view, fill a room with natural light or help a smaller room feel larger. While patio doors are a beautiful accent, there are times when you’d like to control exposure, block incoming light or enhance security.


Selecting stylish and long-lasting patio or bi-fold door shutters is a smart investment, regardless what kind of patio door you have. Here are some of the various configurations best suited for your patio doors.


For French, sliding or bi-fold doors


Shutters for French, Sliding or Bi-Fold Doors


Whether you’ve got French doors or sliding doors, ultimately your shutters need to do their job without impeding access to the door itself. You also need something customisable to fit the specific dimensions of your door, which makes our sliding shutters an ideal option. Our unique track system means the shutters operate separately from the door, so you can smoothly open or close them to your preferences. They also fold up discreetly, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up space or getting in the way of your patio door.  


If you have bi-fold doors, you need something that fits extremely close to the glass to allow for full functionality. We recommend blinds for bi-fold doors, as they won’t interfere with the folding mechanism and can be individually fitted to each pane.


For living, dining and bedrooms


Shutters for Living, Dining and Bedrooms


If your patio doors are located in your living, dining or bedroom, opt for classic Wooden shutters – something with a timeless, homely look that won’t look harsh or uninviting. You can also consider Tier-on-Tier shutters – one that allows you to operate the top and bottom halves separately. Although somewhat cumbersome when the doors are open, it can create a nice effect while That way, you can maximise natural light without compromising privacy – especially important for bedrooms. Or a Solid shutter – either full or half height – can help achieve a similar effect, as well as help with insulation during the winter months.


For kitchens or bathrooms


Shutters for Kitchen and Bathrooms


If your patio doors are situated in rooms that see higher levels of moisture or humidity (such as kitchens or bathrooms), opt for a shutter crafted from a hard-wearing material. As standard wood shutters are vulnerable to mould or damage under these conditions, go for something plastic that’s more durable. Our Life Time vinyl shutters are made from a lightweight vinyl that won’t warp or fade over time, and are resistant to scratches, dents or other blemishes.

No matter where your patio doors are situated, a beautiful door shutter will enhance it perfectly.

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