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21 September 2017


If you’re looking for an elegant covering for your French doors, you can never go wrong with a classic shutter. A timeless style paired with durable craftsmanship makes this the ideal investment for your home, no matter where your French doors are situated.

With a French door shutter, you need something that provides good coverage to control incoming light, but doesn’t obstruct functionality.

 French door windows

Our sliding shutters are the perfect option: they run along their own track system so you can smoothly access your French doors without any hassle. What’s more they create a dramatic focal point.


For a shutter that increases noise reduction and privacy 


For homes situated near a busy area, installing shutters for your French doors can do more than simply regulate light. Our Solid panel shutters can help reduce noise, maintain comfortable interior temperatures by retaining heat in winter and keep your interiors more private. Depending on your preferences or the configuration of your doors, you can opt for full height (for complete coverage) or a combination (for example, leaving the top half as standard shutters to allow for a measured amount of light to filter in). Our Blackout shutters offer 99% blackout capabilities, making them an ideal option for French doors located in bedrooms, nurseries or media rooms.


For a hard-wearing shutter that will resist high levels of moisture and sun damage 


If your French doors are located in areas of your home that see higher than average levels of moisture – such as the kitchen or bathroom – you’ll need something sturdy, long-lasting and easy to clean, which makes PVCu a perfect material. Our Life Time vinyl shutters are the ideal option: crafted from a lightweight yet incredibly durable PVCu, these shutters won’t distort, chip or fade. They also have built-in flame retardant qualities for added protection, and wipe clean for fuss-free maintenance.


For a classic shutter to add style to your home


If your French doors are in your living or dining room and you’d like to make a beautiful style statement, you can’t go wrong with Classic Wooden shutters. If you’re simply looking for something to control light and create privacy – and don’t necessarily need the energy efficient or noise-reducing qualities – then wood is a timeless material. It creates a warmer, cosier feel in rooms that are commonly used for entertaining – perfect for welcoming guests into your home. With hundreds of paints and stains to choose from, you’re sure to find something to achieve your desired finish.

Whether your French doors are in your bedroom or your kitchen, make sure you add a beautiful door shutter to complete the look.



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