27 December 2016


Everyone loves their conservatory in the summer but come winter, it becomes a no-go area. The problem is always the same: the room can’t be used in the colder months because of heat loss through the glass.

Older style conservatories, constructed more than 20 years ago, were often built with a polycarbonate roof. Over time, the polycarbonate panels can become brittle and attract moss and mould. If your conservatory roof is starting to deteriorate in this way, what are the options?

Replace the roof with a solid roof

One way to upgrade the translucent roof is to replace it with a solid one. If you’re considering doing this, building regulations will be required for the new structure. That’s because conservatories were never originally designed to support the weight of a solid roof. Also, bear in mind that the room won’t be as bright and light as it was with a glass roof, and it will feel more like a sun or garden room than a conservatory.

An option to get around building regulations is to replace your existing roof for a lightweight frame. Combined with significant insulation, these lightweight roofs have gathered in popularity in the last two years.  It provides a viable alternative and turns your conservatory into an extension at a much more affordable price than a more traditional solid roof.

Replace the roof with a new glass roof

Glass technology has come a long way in 20 years; now, the roofs on today’s conservatories are made from super energy-efficient glass, meaning there should be less of a problem with heat loss and gain. Upgrading the roof with modern glass should only be carried out by a trusted, reputable company which will check the structure of your conservatory before providing a quote.

Use energy-efficient blinds

If your conservatory roof is sound and does not leak, there is no need to go to the expense of replacing it. In the past 20 years, there have been huge advances in the technology used in blinds. It’s now possible to buy energy-efficient blinds for the roof, windows and doors that will keep the room cool in summer and maintain a comfortable temperature in winter. So you’ll be able to use your conservatory all year round without the fuss and mess of getting the builders in!

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