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05 January 2018


In 2018, why not make it a New Year’s resolution to use your conservatory more? It’s a wonderfully versatile space for all the family so it makes sense to utilise it fully. But what if your conservatory no longer looks as beautiful as it once did because it’s difficult or you don’t have the time to keep it clean. It’s a common problem meaning you quickly fall out of love with a room you used to enjoy.


Cleaning and maintaining your conservatory


 Conservatory cleaning


A conservatory is a considerable investment and an asset to your property so it pays to keep it maintained. But that’s easier said than done, especially as the architecture of a conservatory has high ceilings and numerous nooks and crannies which are usually out of reach.


Although it’s fairly straightforward to wash the windows of your conservatory, cleaning the roof is far more difficult without specialist equipment. But if you allow dirt, algae and pollutants to build up, this can cause significant damage to the building. Without regular attention, there could be corrosion to the metalwork, leaking seals or discolouration to the UPVC sections. The answer is to have a full-scale valet carried out every one or two years; this will help to protect your conservatory against unnecessary repairs in the future.


Book a professional conservatory valet



Don’t make the mistake of trusting window cleaner to do the job for you. It’s unlikely he or she will have insurance or the correct equipment to carry out the job properly and you’ll end up with just a basic clean. Only a specialist valet service, such as that provided by Thomas Sanderson, can offer the level of care required to comprehensively clean and maintain your conservatory.


With Thomas Sanderson’s DeepClean™ Valet, all the nooks, crannies and other hard to reach areas will be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, leaving it sparkling clean and good as new. Our highly trained team of technicians will meticulously deep-clean all the interior and exterior surfaces of your conservatory. Using specially formulated eco-friendly products, they will eliminate dirt, algae and pollutants from the glass. The team is fully insured and will use specialist equipment to safely access the roof and other surfaces, down to the last finial.


Thomas Sanderson’s professional conservatory valet includes clearing the guttering and fitting a leaf guard; applying patination oil to the lead flashing to protect against oxidisation; servicing the locks and hinges, and using our bespoke cleaning solution on the glass to repel dirt. Our new Valet Guard™ service will also make your valet deep-clean even more effective by forming a protective barrier against contaminants, dirt and grime. Afterwards, you won’t believe the difference and you’ll fall in love with your conservatory all over again! Making it the perfect start to 2018!


Call today to book your Thomas Sanderson Conservatory Care Valet and protect your conservatory for the year ahead. Right now, if you book an exterior valet, you can have the interior cleaned for free. There’s also £100 off if you choose to add Valet Guard™. But hurry because this offer ends on 31 January!

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