18 August 2016


Large windows, sliding doors and bi-folding doors are fantastic for letting in lots of light and for providing an uninterrupted view of the garden. This isn’t so good if your windows are overlooked by other properties, no matter how much you like your neighbours! But with Thomas Sanderson’s Luminette® Blinds, you can enjoy the view with complete privacy.

Here’s how.

The Sheer and Elegant Alternative to Vertical Blinds

Our beautiful Luminette® Privacy Blinds give the feel of sumptuous curtain drapes with the privacy and practicality of vertical blinds that can be viewed through. Each blind is made up of 180 degree rotating vertical fabric vanes that glide across your window, diffusing natural light evenly around the room. The overall effect is soft and elegant, and completely different from traditional vertical blinds.

Luminette® Privacy Blinds are a stunning way to dress your large windows. Even better, there are five gorgeous fabric ranges and 40 colours to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that suits your decor.

Practical and Stylish Window Stylings: Luminette® Privacy Blinds

Luminette® Privacy Blinds are not just stunning window stylings; they’re supremely practical too. When the vanes are closed, the blinds are highly efficient at filtering out brightness and glare, providing a 99% UV barrier. The look is stylish and streamlined because the headrail is concealed with our unique Softtrak scissor system.

Our Luminette® Privacy Blinds are also compatible with electric blinds from Thomas Sanderson; with this innovative system, you can control the light, shade and temperature of your rooms from across the room or even from the other side of the world. This summer, choose Thomas Sanderson’s Luminette® Privacy Blinds and enjoy the view in complete privacy.

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